Friday, April 20, 2018

Henry’s Delight, sets sight on UK market with new chips packaging

Manchester-based food manufacturer, Peaches Rodney-Henry, is eyeing exports to the UK market later this year on the heels of new packaging of her product line, Henry’s Delight. The company produces a range of snacks, including chips made from Irish potato, banana, plantain, cassava, dasheen and breadfruit, as well as banana flour cookies.

“All-natural” is how she describes her products, “no chemicals, no preservatives, only ‘real Jamaican foods’ are utilised in the production process” said Rodney-Henry.

The newly packaged Henry’s Delight Chips are set to hit local supermarket shelves at the end of this month, after which exportation to the UK will begin. Rodney-Henry is also intent on exploring the United States, Canadian and Caribbean markets, especially after participating in a Caribbean Export Development Agency workshop, which examined how regional businesses can leverage the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). “I introduced my products there, and the delegates loved them. I am now looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities to export in the Caribbean,” Rodney-Henry said.

Having already seen her production and revenues triple in the last year, she expects to get improved results with the vibrant and colourful new packaging. “I think it will grab the attention of our current and potential customers. It’s very unique and can go up against international standards” she said.

But she knows it’s more than the fresh look of Henry’s Delight that will drive growth in the business. It’s the quality of her products and the improved operations, much of which was implemented based on the valuable advice she garnered from the Scotia Vision Achiever Programme that has helped transform her business in little over a year.

“Sometimes when you’re running a small business, you feel like giving up because things aren’t happening the way you want to. But when you get certain exposure, you see things from a different perspective, and that’s what I got with Scotia Vision Achiever,” said Rodney-Henry.

Advice like the importance of keeping proper records. “I kept records, but I wasn’t organised,” Rodney-Henry said. “So now I’m organising my data, now I’m taking proper account of what I do, so I can see the areas where I’m losing out,” she said.

She has also implemented new systems allowing the company to operate more efficiently, and is planning to have more of the operations automated.

As they continue to refine their product, Henry’s Delight is seeking to identify more suitable options to serve that segment of the market looking for healthy alternative snacks.

“I’m working on getting healthier oil. I also want to introduce some baked chips and, of course, introduce unsalted chips to complement my low-salt product,” Rodney-Henry said.  “I’ve already done my experiments, and the items have come out really good, with the same good quality of Henry’s Delight” she added.

Rodney-Henry participated in the Scotiabank Vision Achiever 17-week coaching programme in 2017, and encourages other small business operators to take advantage of the programme.

“It’s an excellent programme”, she states. “It has changed my mindset as it relates to operating a business. I am really happy and I feel blessed that I was a part of that programme. Persons I know struggling in business, I encourage them to participate. It will make a difference,” Rodney-Henry urged.

Her 10-year plan is aimed at becoming one of the biggest snack companies worldwide. “Whatever food you can think of, it will be in chips, and Henry’s Delight will produce it,” Rodney-Henry declared. In the meantime, she is working on “letting the business work for me”. “I want to be able to sit back, not be so hands-on, and enjoy the fruits of my labour,” she said.

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