Monday, February 14, 2011

Flow, Game Changers In Media and Technology

The partnership consummated in January, 2011 between, Flow Jamaica's premier Broadband service provider and Home Box Office (HBO), will see a seismic shift in three areas of local and Caribbean life: technology, media and entertainment.

The prospect of 300 million viewers in the Latin American Countries having Jamaican programming at their fingertips is an incredible feat. In addition, Flow OnDemand offers local producers a platform to sell their content.  Local TV specials, documentaries and movies available on the Flow network attract fees which benefit the creators. Flow can also assist with marketing and promotion by airing ads for the content across the service.  The development is seen as a brilliant way to give local producers a voice.

Denise Williams, Public Relations Manager at Flow explains that as of February the cost to access local, international, movies, sports and all other content on Flow's SVOD can be accessed free of cost or up to $500.

"This is going to change the way people view television. Flow and HBO is allowing them to keep up with the standard while ensuring that Jamaica has access to the new and latest development in technology," Williams said.

Kim Marie Spence, Film Commissioner, Creative Industries/Film Commission, at Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is positively excited at the opportunity this initiative provides to the creative industries.

"This represents a wonderful opportunity for Jamaican content to be seen both here in Jamaica and abroad. It is the exposure that our film industry needs - to prove that Jamaica is music and film and the other creative industries. Moreover, Jamaican content is constantly demanded - finally we can begin to satisfy that demand," Spence said.

As for the technological advancement that the partnership has facilitated, Spence believes that it is about time Jamaica had the 'OnDemand' experience reserved for a select few countries worldwide.

"Jamaica has not had much experience with the 'OnDemand' model.  It will give Jamaican consumers a new way of interacting with content. They can now demand their content - and many will be surprised that Jamaicans choose their content. We will also be surprised that our content is chosen by others.  Thank you Flow for opening up the world to Jamaican content - film and television shows," Spence said.

The Flow/HBO partnership will place Jamaica, its tourism product and rich culture on the platform to be viewed by a broader geographical region and encourage local producers to develop content t can be digested in varied cultures and regions.

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