Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Investors Thrilled at Ghett ‘A Life Screening; Film set for Jamaica Summer Release

The producers of the feature film “Ghett’ A Life hosted a private screening at the Palace Cineplex on Saturday, March 12 to the absolute delight of everyone in attendance. The audience responded with tears and a spontaneous burst of sustained applause at the end of the movie.

The film, written and directed by Chris Browne, is an explosive action drama that tells the riveting story of a teenager living in an inner-city community who discovers his love for boxing, only to be challenged by the political turmoil that separates his community.  The movie was hailed not only as entertaining, which it is...but most importantly, carries a powerful social commentary on how a single determined person can achieve success despite political, economic and social barriers.

Chris Browne, is most recognized for directing the 1999 action thriller - Third World Cop. His script for Ghett’A Life won the Hartley Merrill International Screenplay Award in 2006 at the Cannes Film Festival in France and serves as a good indicator of the story's quality, backed by first class local talent which will be evident when the movie hits local and regional theatres, this summer.

"I got completely caught up in the story and was taken by its emotional power,” said Andrew Young, Vice President of Special Projects, New York’s DuArt Film and Video Company, when speaking on his reaction to the screening.

In attendance were Executive Producers, The Hon. Maurice Facey and Tony Hart, along with Lennox Lewis who appears in the film and acts as Associate Producer.  Also at the private viewing was Shaggy who performs the title soundtrack, William Mahfood, Christopher Barnes, Rohan Daley, Rodney Campbell, Jomo Cato, among others.

One of the hosts, Donovan H. Perkins, President & CEO of Pan Caribbean Financial Services, heads the investment bank responsible for raising the US $1.2 Million to finance the film, commented on the screening, “I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but every investor who came was so excited about the movie and I now firmly believe that Ghett‘A Life will undoubtedly be Jamaica’s next blockbuster.  It’s not hype. I believe this film could be in the running for an Academy Award for best foreign film.  Another first for little Jamaica.”

The all-Jamaican cast and crew did an excellent job and enjoyed guidance from Director of Photography, Bobby Bukowski, graduate in film from New York University with over 43 films to his credit. The lead roles were played by 19 year-old Kevoy Burton, with an impressive film debut performance and the remarkable villain Chris McFarlane.  Other members of the esteemed cast included, Odaine Clarke, Jamaican-born Canadian actress, Karen Robinson, Lisa Williams, Kadeem Wilson, Etana, Jamaican veterans - Winston Bell, Carl Davis, Teddy Price and Lenford Salmon.

The film along with its powerful soundtrack will be released early summer in theatres across the island.

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