Monday, April 11, 2011

Shawn Storm enters Corporate Jamaica through Flow Champion Cup

An avid lover of football, when upcoming deejay Shawn Storm was approached by Flow and Sportsmax to create a theme song for the Flow Champion Cup (FCC), he jumped at the opportunity to remix his popular “My Life” to help mirror the excitement on what is now considered one of the most exciting football event on the island.  
Approached in February, Storm, who rose to superstar status last year, used his uplifting hit to coin the anthem for this year's FCC.

A member of the Portmore Empire, in the theme song Storm deejays, "just in case yuh waan fi know, a Flow Cup/work hard every day/thank God jus to win di mil, yuh know/a Flow Cup." For Storm the opportunity to work with FCC was a great one as he explained, "it feel good to work with them, me is someone who love football, so is a good feeling to partake in something that deals with the sport."

He jokingly added, "I'm a good goal scorer, mi bad! So if they want someone to play in a celebrity match mi ready. If I wasn't doing music, I'd be doing football." Storm sees this opportunity as a door opener into corporate Jamaica, where he hopes to do more work in the future. 

Round two of the Flow Champion Cup's stellar run came to a close in the matches held between March 23 and March 24.  The result was a demonstration of some of the season's most breathtaking ball playing with the total goals scored during this round at 24 goals. This brings the total goals for the season to 48 so far.    

Advancing teams Whitehouse, Portmore United, Tivoli and Santos will join Arnett Gardens, Boys Town, Frazsiers Whip and St Georges in the Quarter finals. Flow has committed to rewarding top achiever, with MVPs receiving loaded computers in previous rounds. Second round FCC teams compete for cash awards, including JM$1million to go to the top ranking team, JM $50,000 each for the Top Goal scorer and Winning coach, and JM$70,000 for the overall MVP.

In addition to this, as part of the charity arm of the competition, Flow and SportsMax have been providing funding for the Youth Upliftment Through Empowerment (YUTE) initiative that seeks to empower young adults in inner city communities, through skills training and job opportunities. For every goal that is scored in the 2011 Flow Champions Cup, the sponsor and organizer of FCC will donate $4000 to YUTE.  At the end of round two of the Champion Cup, the donations stand at $96,000 - with more to come.

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