Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Earthbound Jamaica Launches Environmentally Friendly Initiative in New Kingston

New Kingston, the business hub of St Andrew, is the launch pad of Earthbound Jamaica’s bold new recycling bin initiative. The project establishes two bins in the area to facilitate the proper sorting of garbage. The labeled bins will further boost the company’s environmentally friendly recycling programmes and facilitate the separation of waste, and improved garbage management by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).
The move, endorsed by Jamaica Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, comes as Earthbound Jamaica, partners with Flow and the NSWMA to change the way Jamaicans interact with the environment and deal with refuse.
Earthbound Jamaica’s groundbreaking project is in keeping with its mission of preserving and protecting the environment. Speaking at the launch of the programme on Tuesday September 27 at the Emancipation Park, Yoland Rattray Wright Managing Director of Earthbound Biodegradables encouraged Jamaicans to take the simple step of using the new receptacles to protect the environment.
“This prototype, will teach Jamaicans the simplicity of separating garbage using two bins; Domestic and Environmental Cleaning Solutions (DECS) Waste Management Services will maintain the collection of the bins twice a week. Out of this activity we expect a cleaner environment earned through recycling,” she explained.
Coming off their first initiative which included the development the well received video, Jamaica’s Environment-Off Balance, highlighting how Jamaicans are contributing to the  damage to  their environment, Earthbound Jamaica is excited to build on their progress via new sorting bin  initiative.
In this their second phase of this Corporate Partnership for Social Responsibility, Earthbound Jamaica’s introduction of Separating Bins in a public sphere for the first time in Jamaica. This will allow Jamaicans to practice separating garbage between perishable and recyclable garbage of plastic, glass and paper.
Mrs. Rattray Wright reiterated her company’s commitment to affirmative environmental action and lauded Flow and NSWMA for sharing the vision. Denise Williams, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs for Flow reiterated Rattray Wright’s call for Environmental awareness in Jamaicans. “Protecting our environment is a job for everyone and Flow is pleased to be a partner in this venture.  A change in behavior is required and so with this small step we hope to encourage more persons to actively engage in initiatives and simple processes that will positively impact on our environs,” said Williams.
 Earthbound Jamaica produces biodegradable food containers made from sugar cane bagasse and bamboo. While the company expands to meet the demand in the market, Earthbound has embarked on this new initiative to assist Jamaicans to become environmentally aware.

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