Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Customer Service Progamme Yields Results at Sagicor

The Sagicor Life Jamaica call center now holds a record of handling 98% propelling the company to being on par with international standards. The success has lead to 20 Customer Service Agents being recognized for delivering outstanding customer service at the “Wow Experience Awards” ceremony on Friday, March 30 at the South Beach CafĂ© in Kingston.
The award ceremony came as a result of overwhelming calls from customers themselves, crediting the team members by name, for resolving reports in a timely and impressive manner. This follows Sagicor’s implementation of a world-class customer service call center at the close of 2010.
Mark Chisholm, Vice-President, Individual Life, explains the decision to honour the employees in this way, “A customer called our offices raving about one of my team members team member and I said all I can say is WOW!” Mr. Chisolm he used that reaction as well as, inspiration from the popular American Music awards ceremony, the "Grammys" to form the word "Wowies" to refer to each award.
Each awardee winner gained the recognition of peers and the company's top executives, they were feted by the division, received a trophy as well as, a cash prize.
"Knowledge leaves the office at 5 o’clock each day, our team is one of our largest assets and in making the customer care system more efficient, our staff is content and in turn are happy with making our customers happy” said Chisholm regarding the value of the Sagicor Life Jamaica team.
The Call center is charged with not only answering customers but also solving issues and informational needs on the first call. The Customer service turnaround time has been cut from over an hour, to an average of 27 minutes. They aim to spread this increased efficiency in customer service to branches across the island.

"Its feels amazing to be one of the winners at the first Wowies, not just because you get recognized but it means that a client was pleased with my work. It is very gratifying to know that my work has made a difference”, said Alexia Bradshaw, award recipient.

The world-class call center was born out of an idea from Richard Byles, President and CEO who believes that customer service is the product and customers are only as happy as the level of service that they receive.
Several changes have been made to support the new customer service direction. Aesthetic improvements have been made to customer areas to facilitate a more relaxing experience. Most importantly, a comprehensive joint database, which consolidates customer information, has also been developed. Customers can continue to share their experiences with Sagicor Life Jamaica team, by sending feeback, particulary those requiring special attention to

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