Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kingston Pon di River for Flow TV

As activities commemorating Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence move into high gear, Flow has joined the mission to engage Jamaicans in the historic celebrations. The broadband service provider has partnered with organizers of Kingston Pon Di River, the literary, arts and music festival staged last weekend at Boone Hall Oasis, to produce a feature for broadcast on Flow TV, Channel 100. 
The initiative is another in a series that Flow is undertaking as its contribution to the national celebration of Jamaica 50, of which Kingston Pon di River is a part.  “We are delighted that Flow has partnered with us to leverage the power of its network to expand the reach of Kingston Pon di River,” said Dollis Campbell, one of the organizers of the Festival. “The broadcast of Kingston Pon di River on Flow TV will bring the diverse cultural expressions that was on show this weekend to a much wider audience.” 
The Kingston Pon di River feature adds to the impressive line-up of Jamaican productions that are now being aired on Flow TV and available on Flow OnDemand. Current offerings include The Making of Jamaica by Air, Reggae Strong, the animated series Cabbie Chronicles, the film Third World Cop among others.  “Great local programmes are an important part of the wonderful and diverse mix of content that Flow provides,” explains Michael Look Tong, director media services.  “We believe that it is important for Jamaicans to have content with which they can identify. The increasing viewership tells us that our people want to see the local productions and we are proud to be in a position to enable Jamaicans to enjoy the best of our own culture.” 
Kingston Pon di River at Boone Hall Oasis featured a night of drumming on Saturday with presentations of powerful beats and dynamic movement from L’Acadco Drum Xplosion, Latin Roots, Kingston Drummers and Charles Town Maroon Drummers and Dancers. The Festival culminated on Sunday with appearances and presentations by singers, authors, and poets. The lineup includes Jamaican born poet from the US Karen Gibson Roc, Saxophonist Joe Tapper, dub poet Oku Onoura, Alvin Day, Dr. Carolyn Cooper and Desmond McKenzie, M.P., and Errol Lee and the Bare Essentials.

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