Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conversations with 50UnderFifty for FLOW TV

Fifty of Jamaica’s leading civic and business leaders, under the age of 50, are being recognized for their significant influence on nation building in a special initiative spearheaded by the PSOJ and the Gleaner with support from the private sector.  The Gleaner/PSOJ 50UnderFifty Award recognizes the 50 influencers who, based on their current contributions to the country, are expected to make a significant impact on Jamaica’s civic and business landscape over the next 50 years and beyond.  
 As part of this exciting initiative, an exclusive television programme has been developed by one of the main sponsors of the event, Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited, operators of the Columbus Business Solutions and Flow brands.  The programmes, hosted by Sandra Glasgow, Chief Executive Officer of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ)with each episode  presented as a discussion among 4 or 5 of the awardees grouped in sector or industry categories,   will be shown exclusively on Flow TV.

The features are riveting as the conversations explores various trends and guiding principles that play a critical role in achieving success in the awardees’ various business endeavours. Glasgow expects that “Conversations with 50UnderFifty” will make interesting and compelling viewing as it presents some inspiring stories. “These are truly some remarkable individuals… creative and fearless,” she says. “Our business leaders are unearthing new focus in their business and it bodes well for our economy. I am pleased with the awardees who are all brilliant, creative thinkers, willing to take the risks necessary to move this great nation forward.”

Glasgow also said that the programme has revealed the significance of family owned enterprises in the Jamaican business landscape. “It was not surprising to note that several nominees were second and third generation in their family businesses, who ensured business continuity into the future,” she said. “Their companies have also thrived with the introduction of innovative ideas and by adopting best practices necessary in our technology driven society.”

Through the 50UnderFifty Awards, the PSOJ in partnership with the Gleaner Company, Columbus Business Solutions and NCB, celebrates Jamaica 50 by acknowledging the business achievements of the nation over the last 50 years, while at the same time looking forward to the future by highlighting those business leaders who are poised to help Jamaica achieve its Vision 2030.The partners acknowledge that if Jamaica is to become “the place of choice to live, do business and raise families”, the talents of this group of men and women will likely be brought to bear in strengthening the private sector and lead to sustained economic growth for Jamaica.  The businesses that they represent, along with those who have already made significant contributions to Jamaica’s economy, will be the “ones to watch” in the future.

Denise Williams, director of corporate and government affairs of Columbus Communications Jamaica Ltd, operators of Flow and Columbus Business Solutions brands, believes that the programme will inspire other young entrepreneurs as they chart the course to achieving their business goals.“At Columbus we are proud to partner with the Gleaner and PSOJ to highlight the achievements, philosophies and insights of these 50 leaders,” she said. “Our intention is that our technology will transform lives of Jamaica’s citizens and the nation, and so we are pleased to have this opportunity to bring the stories and ideas of the awardees to Flow TV in order to inspire others who themselves will have a critical role to play in shaping our nation’s future.”

Conversations with 50UnderFifty will be seen in episodes titled The Shot Callers, The Producers,  The Innovators, The Entrepreneurs, The Imaginators, The Power Brokers, The Educators, The Financiers, The Leisure Tycoons, and The Game Changers. Each new episode will premiere each week on Thursdays at 9:00pm on Flow TV Channel 100, with repeats on Sundays at 5:30pm and Tuesdays at 8pm.

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