Wednesday, November 14, 2012

PanCaribbeanBank Launches Exciting New Auto Loan & Business Max SME Chequing Account

PanCaribbeanBank has launched a new Auto Loan product that offers an exciting all in one solution; vehicle financing, insurance discounts, premium financing and free vehicle tracking installation.

The PCB Auto Loan, allows motor vehicle owners to purchase new and used vehicles at excellent rates.

Sabrina Cooper, Vice President, Relationship Banking – PanCaribbeanBank divulges the features of the loan product. “Clients can qualify for financing of up to 95 per cent of the cost of the vehicle, with rates as low as 9.95 per cent, lowest commitment fees on the market, with up to seven years to repay for new vehicles,” explained Cooper.

Additionally, PCB Auto Loan gives superb before- and after-sales assistance. It comes with fast approval, no application fees and free vehicle tracking installation, as well as providing financing and discount options for insurance.

What’s more, customers can be pre-approved for the loan which helps them pre-determine their eligibility before hand, making the process smoother. PCB provides convenient repayment options by way of salary deductions, standing orders and ACH transactions.

PanCaribbeanBank has also recently launched a new SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) chequing account called Business Max.  Business Max is suited for businesses with moderate to high chequing activity. Business Max has no monthly service charge and allows customers free credits and 150 free debits per month. This unique chequing account gives customers all the advantages to suit their business transactions needs. The account also offers an attractive interest rate and a dedicated Relationship Manager.

Cooper says Business Max will suit the needs of small and medium sized entities from varied industries. “We have developed the Business Max account based on the needs of small businesses across the island. Their needs are diverse and we believe this new product can fulfil the needs of most business models,” declared Cooper.

With the bank extending its dominance by rebranding during the latter portion of 2012, The PCB Business Max and Auto Loan products follows suit to PriorityMe, a unique alternative to traditional savings plans, which was launched on October 1 this year, solidifying the company’s assurance to simplified banking.

PanCaribbeanBank is a subsidiary of Pan Caribbean Financial Services Limited, a member of the Sagicor Group which owns 86% of PanCaribbean. Plans were recently announced to re-brand PanCaribbean entities to bear the name of its parent company Sagicor.


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