Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rebranded Sagicor Bank Increases Strength

Leveraging the name recognition of its well known parent company, Sagicor Bank officially opened its doors on December 17, 2012 with a formal ceremony and building renaming.

The Honourable Maurice Facey, O.J. (c) - Founder of Pan Jamaican Investments  is surrounded by a generation of leaders from the Sagicor Jamaica Group at the Renaming Ceremony of the Sagicor Bank Building (formerly PanCaribbean Bank Building) at 60 Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston. (l-r) Philip Armstrong, Richard Byles, Donovan Perkins and Peter Melhado unite by joining hands in recognition of the completion of a rebranding exercise on Monday, December 17, 2012.
Philip Armstrong, Managing Director of Sagicor Bank noted that, “with the rebranding exercise, we are able to strengthen our relationship with the Sagicor Group.  In effect, our suite of products and services are now enhanced by greater name recognition”

As a commercial bank, Sagicor Bank is well suited for both business and retail customers.  In addition to current and savings accounts, debit cards and other standard banking services, Sagicor Bank offers PriorityMe – a low entry-level current account with a built in savings component, a 9.95% auto loan facility and interest bearing current accounts.  Armstrong explained, “Sagicor Bank is unique in the current banking sector.  We offer all the services that our business and personal customers need, and we have many benefits not offered at any other commercial bank.”

With five branches island wide, access to the MultiLink ATM network and a robust internet banking platform, Sagicor Bank is well equipped to handle both its current, and anticipated larger customer base. 

The current Sagicor Bank started as Manufacturers Sigma Merchant Bank Limited before merging with Pan Caribbean Financial Services, to be rebranded PanCaribbean Merchant Bank.  In 2008, the bank converted from a merchant bank to a commercial bank and took on the name PanCaribbeanBank.  “The evolution of the bank demonstrates clearly the movement from strength to strength”, Armstrong elaborated.

At the official opening ceremony held this morning (December 17, 2012) held at their head office in New Kingston, Armstrong, along with Sagicor Investments CEO Donovan Perkins and Sagicor Life CEO Richard Byles unveiled the rebranded Sagicor Bank building, located at 60 Knutsford Boulevard.

Across the group, which includes Sagicor Life, Sagicor Investments and Sagicor Bank, new products and services will be rolled out as an extension of the rebranding exercise. 

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