Wednesday, May 15, 2013

JDF starts Business House Volleyball Season with a Splash

JDF soldiers took the top rank in the 2013 CSports Sand-Slam Business House Beach Volleyball tournament on Sunday, May 12 at the Barbican Sports Complex in Kingston. The event which kicked off the 2013 Business House volleyball season got underway with thirteen teams turning out to test the sands on match day. 

After a total of 38 matches, in the one-day tournament the 'Marching Men & Women’ of the JDF stomped their way to the first place title, by grounding the UWI Pelicans 11-7 in the final of the 4-a-side playoffs. 

To advance to the overall final, the JDF topped the losers’ bracket by defeating AMECO ‘A’ 11-6. AMECO ‘A’ had defeated their 'B' Team 11-10 in sudden-death to earn the chance to meet JDF, while the JDF had fallen into the losers bracket by losing 10-11 to the Pelicans earlier in the Double-Elimination round. 

In the final match, the JDF team revamped their strategy in order to meet the tough task of defeating the previously unbeaten UWI Pelicans twice in succession to take the title. The JDF players came out serving hard and spiking tough to commandeer the first set 11-4. In the deciding second and final set, the UWI Team made several adjustments by going for soft touches instead of spikes, serving with more precision, and double-blocking instead of the single-blocking usually seen in Beach matches. Unfortunately while this enabled them to keep the match competitive and the excitement high, in the end it could not provide the needed points to combat the JDF’s hard spiking attack. 

The CSports Sand Slam 4, overall placing saw AMECO ‘A’ in 3rd place, NWC 4th, Guardian Life 5th, the BOJ 6th, Sagicor 7th, and JUTC 8th. 

The next event in the season is the One-Day Rally Tournament that will take place at a new venue, the Mico Gymnasium on Sunday, May 26, due to the unavailability of the regular UWI venue. CSports Sandslam 4 Business House Beach Volleyball tournament was also sponsored by Supreme Ventures, and the Barbican Sports Complex.

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