Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supreme Ventures Day 3 Indoor League Report

The final day of play in the Round-Robin phase of the Supreme Ventures Indoor Business House Volleyball League on Sunday, June 23 saw the gauntlet being thrown down by the three defending Champions, - the BOJ Female Gators, the JCF Male Seamers, and the JDF Marching Men and Women.

The female Gators of the BOJ showed everyone that despite missing their captain Tracey-Ann Findlay, they could still make the other team pay. Needing to win their final two matches to confirm their No. 1 seed, the Gators deftly navigated the banking halls of Sagicor, defeating the institution 2-0: (21-14, 21-16) in their first match, then returning later in the day to defeat Guardian Life 2-1. Guardian upset the defending champions in the first set 21-20. However, the next two sets saw the BOJ rallying around key players Annissa Thompson, Abbyon Mitchell and Jennifer Johnson to satisfy their coach and win them both – 21-19; 21-18, in what was a very competitive match.

The JCF Male Seamers completed their round-robin fixtures with a victory over Guardian Life. The Seamers won 2-0, but they had evidently underestimated their opponents Guardian Life, and were only able to seek out a 21-18 first set victory. Sufficiently awoken by that near loss, they adjusted that sluggish performance, and in true JCF Seamers style took the second set 21-7.

The JDF Marching Men and Women hardly broke a sweat in defeating the JUTC 2-0 (21-12; 21-15), and in so doing displayed their depth, starting both sets with their best players still on the bench. Their main rivals, the JCF have taken note of this development, and they would have started to prepare for a possible knock-out match-up with their protective services partners.

Long time campaigners, the NWC, had a mixed day with two losses and a win. First their female team lost to Team Guardian 2-0. With Guardian displaying tenacity, the NWC just could not get ahead comfortably enough, and due a number of unforced errors throughout both sets, Team Guardian defeated them at 21-14; 21-14.

Later in the day the NWC Male Team came up against a rejuvenated AMECO, who played the first set as if their life depended on it, winning easily 21-7. In the set interval, the NWC Coaching Staff evidently found the right words to inspire the team which, despite missing two of its better players, came back in the second set to give a better account of itself. Unfortunately however, NWC just could not turn off the AMECO water pipe, and lost the second set 21-16. The day ended on a brighter note for the NWC however, as they rallied to beat AMECO 2-1 in their mixed team match. The two players who missed the Male Match returned, and proved to be key in the 16-21; 21-17; 21-19 victory.

In the final match of the day, the 2011 and 2012 Overall champions the BOJ Gators, were in an obvious hurry to get to the end of the day when they took on SAGICOR Bank. The BOJ too had a new configuration with two of their key players out hurt, and some playing for the first time this season, which made for some less polished plays, but still effective enough to deliver the victorious end result.
The group tabulations will now be undertaken, with completion of the seedings and pairings for the Knock-out phase of the Supreme Ventures Business House Indoor Volleyball League which begins next Sunday, June 30 at the UWI Gymnasium. Next week’s action will also see the start of the annual Skills Challenge competition. Entry to all games is free to the public and play starts at 9:30am.

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