Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wisynco donates $2m to Missionaries of the poor

Father Richard Ho Lung’s Missionaries of the Poor has received support from Wisynco’s Wata, CranWATA and Bigga brands to the tune of $2 Million dollars to bolster operations for the Mission. The donation represents the continuation of a 10 year partnership. 
The organisation which has missions around the world stages the annual concert Father Ho Lung and Friends to raise funds for various outreach projects. This year has two seasons with the first having gone in September and the current being held under the theme "The Greatest Hits" Candles in the Dark and will be held at the National Arena on October 12 and 13.
(Front row: r-l) Wisynco’s Brand Event Co-ordinator Charlene Danvers joins perfomers Catiecia Smith, Father Richard Holung, Caryl Constantine, Leary Marshall, (Back row: r-l) Rohan Jaques, Grace McDonald and Wynton Williams. Danvers joined the group of performers after the staging of Father Holung and Friends’ ‘Candles in the Dark’ production at the National Arena on Saturday, October 12. The 2013 series was sponsored by Wisynco’s WATA, CranWATA and Bigga beverage brands in aid of Missionaries of the Poor; an international monastic order which serves the poor - started in 1981 by Father Richard Ho Lung

William Mahfood, Managing Director of Wisynco Distributors Limited lauds the work of the Missionaries whose work he believes is invaluable to society. “Ho Lung’s ability to unite companies, government agencies and civil society in the cohesive pursuit of a single goal has resulted in the rise of top scholars, stabilization of family units, restoration of health, rebuilding of communities, and many other positive outcomes. The Wisynco Group lauds such admirable service and commitment and continue to provide our support where possible,” he explained.

Father Ho Lung is thankful for the continued support of sponsors. “I can’t say anything else but that really without the support of sponsors we really could not move forward. The revival of people’s spirit in a tough time, it’s not an easy time and we would not be able to put on a production like this without sponsors and in particular I find that Wisynco has been quite extraordinary,” he explained.

The company through its Wata, CranWATA and Bigga brands will also be doing giveaways to students at the school viewings currently underway at the arena. As is customary, students are permitted to view the presentation ahead of the open viewing. On Thursday October 10 over 6000 students watched the show at the National Arena.

Father Ho Lung sees this as inspirational for students. He notes “I want them to be filled with hope and filled with a sense of great respect.”

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