Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maurice Facey featured in Flow TV documentary on entrepreneurship

 “I am a student of history and my experience tells me that when a country goes newly independent and power passes to unaccustomed hands, the more the politicians flap their wings, the worse the economy is going to get. It happened eight hundred years ago in England and it’s going to take time for Jamaica to sort out its problems.” 

This profound statement from business mogul the late Hon. Maurice Facey sets the tone for the next episode of 50 Years of Entrepreneurship, a documentary on the roots of indigenous Jamaican business development and entrepreneurship from 1962 to 2012. The documentary is produced by e-Media Interactive and broadcast in 4 parts exclusively on Flow TV.  The stories of some of Jamaica’s most celebrated business leaders guide the documentary, charting the decade-by decade journey of Jamaican entrepreneurship, from ‘big business’ success to efforts supporting small enterprise sustainability.

 Maurice Facey began his business career in 1946 and served as a Director of Pan Caribbean Financial Services Limited until July 19, 2005. He has been Chairman of Pan Jamaican Investment Trust Limited since 1966. A prominent and respected pioneer in real estate development, it was his entrepreneurial vision which led to the construction of many of the island’s modern-day landmark structures.

 Facey was also the chairman of Hardware & Lumber, First Life Insurance Company, PanCaribbean Merchant Bank (now Sagicor Bank) and held directorships in more than 20 companies.  In addition to his contribution to the development of real estate, Facey also ventured into agriculture, horticulture, and tourism.

The insights from Facey frame an understanding of the history of entrepreneurship in Jamaica. 50 Years of Entrepreneurship airs Sundays at 6 pm on Flow TV channel 100 and online at iVu tv.

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