Friday, January 24, 2014

Tessanne and Sagicor, STRONGER

Tessanne Chin made her first appearance as a motivational speaker at Sagicor Group Jamaica’s annual Blast Off event, held at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Saturday, January 18. Hundreds of team members under the Sagicor Group Jamaica umbrella united under the 2014 theme, Sagicor STRONG. 

Sagicor Blast Off is a culmination of talent, motivational speeches and team commendations. Sales Advisors from the Group’s investment, insurance and banking arms are all a part of the annual occasion which has seen performances by Lust, Marcia Griffiths, Romaine Virgo and Wayne Marshall among many others over the years. 

Tessanne, who performed at the Sagicor Blast Off event last year, was welcomed this time around in the capacity of guest speaker. A very candid Tessanne, in her opening remarks said “Anything is possible, no matter what you may dream or envision for yourself; it is surely possible. I just want to commend Sagicor because I realise that this is one of the establishments (in Jamaica) that truly invests in their people like this.” 
Richard Byles, President and CEO of Sagicor Group Jamaica commented on the singer’s speech. “What a wonderful representative of Jamaica; and very authentic, that’s what strikes me about Tessanne. We love her.”

The effervescent songstress connected with Sagicor team members while sharing her story of pride, commitment and strength. Now, one of Jamaica’s darlings since winning the fifth series of the US based singing competition The Voice; Tessanne admitted that “There is no job that is too small. When I used to sing at birthday parties and felt that I was dinner music, I took pride in it. When you have pride in what you do, you show up and give it a hundred and fifty per cent.”

She compared the music industry to that of Sagicor and spoke about her commitment to her craft and how she had to trust her Coach on The Voice: Adam Levine, even when he selected songs she was not in agreement with. “It’s not always about getting your own way, it’s about committing regardless,” said a very frank Tessanne Chin.

“There is strength in numbers, no man is an island. I have an incredible team of people behind me.” She admits that “Strength is not about the absence of fear; for me it’s being afraid and doing it anyway. Once you know your product, once I knew what I was capable of, it was easier to make others believe.”

Sagicor Group Jamaica has expressed it support for Tessanne - her future in the global music industry and as an Ambassador for Jamaica.

Tessanne Chin is also a Patron of the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run, a charitable initiative of the financial Group which is aiming to raise a minimum of seventeen million dollars for its 2014 charities – with Tessanne’s support.

Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited is a financial services conglomerate offering products and services in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Investments, Real Estate and Retirement Planning. Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited is the leading life insurance provider in Jamaica. The Company commenced operations in 1970 as Life of Jamaica Limited, the first locally owned life insurance company and the first life insurance company to be listed on the JSE. Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited is a subsidiary of Sagicor Life Jamaica and has been a member of the JSE main market for three decades. Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited owns Sagicor Bank Jamaica Limited.

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