Wednesday, February 26, 2014

LASCO Salutes Top Cop from St. Mary

Woman Corporal Hodel Harris of the St. Mary Division, Area 2, is the 2013/2014 LASCO JCF Police Officer of the Year. Corporal Harris was announced as this year’s recipient at the Awards Ceremony hosted by LASCO, onTuesday, February 25 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

Sergeant Anthony Wallace of Mobile Reserve and Corporal Patrae Rowe of the Protective Services and National Intelligence Bureau placed as first and second runners up respectively.

Woman Corporal Hodel Harris received the LASCO
Police Officer of the Year Trophy
Awarded with a trophy and an increased cash prize of $250,000, Woman Corporal Hodel Harris hails as the second female member of Area 2 to take the award. A beacon in her community, W/Corporal Harris wears many hats for her division. Harris’ extensive experience at the Community Safety and Security Branch (CSSB) has granted her several present positions, some of which are; a Community Based Police Officer, a Community Safety Officer, a Field Resource Officer, a trained Mediator and  a Domestic Violence Intervention Trainer. She has owned the role of a UTech mentor, HIV/AIDs Mentor and initiator of the National Inter-school Brigade in St. Mary aimed at empowering teenage boys in the parish and instilling discipline and responsible behaviour.

Harris was humbled by the award and shares that it encourages more hard work and dedication. “It is an honour to be recognized for something you enjoy doing. Being a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force despite the challenges and sacrifice is quite fulfilling for me as I acknowledge the important roles my colleagues and I play in serving and protecting our nation,” she explained.

The LASCO Police Officer of the Year Award, now in its 13th year was initiated to acknowledge the professionalism and dedication of the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. Though we cannot put a value on the work of these brave men and women, LASCO aims to highlight their invaluable contribution to the structure of our country’s affairs, which has worldwide repercussion.

 (L-R) Hon Lacelles Chin, Chairman LASCO Affiliated Companies,
Hon. Peter Bunting, Minister of National Security,
Mr. Owen Ellington, Commissioner of Police,
presents the 2013/2014 LASCO
Police Officer of the Year Awardee
 Woman Corporal Hodel Harris.
Lascelles Chin, Executive Chairman of LASCO Affiliated Companies, commended the members of the JCF in his presentation of the Award and charged each nominee and by extension, each member of the Force, to continue raising the bar in the dedication and commitment to serving and protecting the nation. “Over the past few years, the JCF has come in for a battering from the public. We cannot continue to use one paint brush for all of the JCF.  There are approximately ten thousand men and women in the force. The vast majority of them are carrying out their duties efficiently and effectively.

Sadly, those achievements and professionalism very rarely make the headlines in our electronic and print media. At LASCO, we want to contribute to the building of a professional JCF, with the highest standards of integrity and discipline every day that they wear that uniform and badge and so earn the respect they deserve.”

The Top Cop was selected from a shortlist which included; Corporal Horale Reid of the Eastern Kingston Division, Inspector Rohan Reid Anti-Corruption Branch, Corporal Franz Dawkins of the Manchester Division, Inspector Mark Goffe from St. Catherine South Division, Corporal Dhaima Campbell from Services Branch and Detective Corporal Tyrone Dwyer of the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division.

The finalists were evaluated based on several criteria such as: work ethics; working relationships with the public and with team members; involvement in communities and related social initiatives; professional knowledge (response to operating procedures); ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing and knowledge of National and International Affairs.

This ceremony comes at the close of a week of activities for the finalists involving courtesy calls with National Representatives, community service, public speaking engagements and finally a series of panel interviews to select the Top Cop and respective runners up.

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