Thursday, February 20, 2014

UWI hosts World Anti-Doping Agency Seminar

New developments in anti-doping at the pace of science fiction have forced new approaches to anti-doping education. The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona will host an e- Education anti-doping public forum on Thursday, February 20 at the UWI Campus under the theme ‘New Era Testing and Anti-doping e-Education in the Caribbean’, in keeping with the new developments. 

The e-Education pilot is part of an initiative that has already been implemented in other regions such as Latin America  and the Caribbean to provide anti-doping and drug related information and training for  sport professionals at various levels through a virtual learning hub.  

If selected by WADA for the pilot, the UWI will seek consensus from Jamaica Anti-doping Commission (JADCo) to set up the online mechanism.  

Since January of 2014, WADA has introduced the steroid, urine passport where the kidneys filtration pattern of drugs will be matched to blood or body profile. This is a revolutionary development in anti-doping and only seven or eight of the approximately 33 WADA accredited labs are equipped to give an opinion on this new method.

 “In layman’s terms, monitoring the ‘pee-pee pattern’ of athletes is an alternative method that can be used to cipher out deliberate drug use while WADA continues to deliberate over the penalties for athletes’ inadvertent use or ingestion of contaminated supplements,” explains Dr Irving.

The UWI has invited Tony Cunningham, Manager in the Education and Program Development Department at the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) to talk about e-Education, research and changes to the WADA code at the forum.  His responsibilities include the development and implementation of education programs with key stakeholders as well as assisting with the Regional Anti-Doping Organizations Program.  

Participants will also benefit from presentations by Dr. Derrick McKoy, Dean, Faculty of Law, UWI; Dr. Guyan Arscott, Chairman Medical Committee, Jamaica Football Federation, Dr. Rachael Irving, Senior Lecturer and Carey Brown, Executive Director of the Jamaica Anti-doping Commission (JADCo).  

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