Wednesday, March 4, 2015

eMedia to launch online creative institute

eMedia is set to launch a creative institution, with a certificate in Mobile Gaming being one of the first courses. The company will partner with Decode Global, a Canadian company headed by Angelique Mannella that develops Mobile Games for Android and iOS platforms.

iCreate will be delivering courses in gaming, film, animation, media, fashion and other courses aimed at further developing the media and creative industries. “The world is changing; there is a paradigm shift in education based on the economic imperative of today.  We see where app development, animation and film are bringing a lot of economic opportunities locally and around the world. In terms of Mobile Gaming, the global wireless game market according to PricewaterhouseCoopers is estimated to reach US$14.4 billion in 2017, It’s time we educate our nation to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Tyrone Wilson, founder of iCreate & CEO of eMedia Interactive.

Zinzi Samuels (left) and Tyrone Wilson  (right) at work at their eMedia office.
iCreate will launch a pilot for their Mobile Gaming Certificate programme in June 2015 as well as a plan to begin teaching in early 2016. "The idea for iCreate has been in the making for a couple years now. We were in no rush to start because we wanted to be sure that our course materials are aimed towards a first world market," said WilsonSo far partnerships have been made with international experts in the industry and course material being taught in international colleges will be available. Wilson believes that there is a demand for courses like this in the region. “When we look at animation for example, there is a huge gravitation towards the field among individuals in colleges that offer it. Droves of students are signing up to learn animation, so we expect to have anywhere between fifty and one hundred students signed up for our Mobile Gaming Certificate in the first phase,” Wilson continued.

Angelique Mannella, head of Decode Global has launched a successful mobile game company, with Get Water! being their first game. "Decode Global develops mobile games for social change. Partnering with iCreate will empower more individuals in the Caribbean to be able to tap into the returns that this industry can provide," said Mannella. "The iPhone when introduced in 2007 created an open market for third party titles with little barrier to entry for developers. We are excited to be partnering with iCreate and eMedia to develop such a program for the Caribbean".

Zinzi Samuels, Creative Director for eMedia Interactive, parent company of iCreate is responsible for the curriculum delivery. "The courses will be a combination of digital and physical. Individuals today need the flexibility in their studies and iCreate has seen the need to ensure that our courses are geared towards the convenience of our students. With the right application, this course will be able to compete globally, right here from Jamaica," said Samuels who holds a Masters of Design & Innovation - Communication Designs Labs from the Institute of European Design in Madrid, Spain.

iCreate will also offer opportunities for individuals who wish to teach this course. “We will have a train the trainers pilot where we will identify key individuals who can learn the curriculum and deliver these courses based on our standards and requirements,” said Samuels.

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