Monday, March 16, 2015

Pan-Jam launches 50th anniversary initiatives

 Stephen Facey, Chairman and CEO of Pan-Jamaican
Investment Trust Limited and wife Wendy are all
smiles for the red carpet at the company’s 50th
anniversary Cocktail Party on Thursday, March 5
held on the East Lawns of Devon House.

Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust, popularly known as Pan-Jam, launched its 50th anniversary at the East Lawns of Devon House on Thursday, March 5. Staged under the theme Strong Legacy . Powerful Future, the company will host a number of ventures and community based initiatives from March 2015 through March 2016.

Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust was a key player in the development of Downtown Kingston, New Kingston, Manor Park and many residential areas in the Corporate Area.  The company’s work with the Kingston Restoration Company has contributed to the on-going redevelopment of Downtown Kingston.  The company’s various local investment partnerships and wholly owned businesses comprise a diverse portfolio in the Jamaica’s real estate development, trading, manufacturing, insurance and banking sectors; which has solidified the Pan-Jamaican Group of Companies as a major contributor to the nation’s economy.

Stephen Facey, Chairman and CEO of Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust is proud of the milestone.  “We stand on the shoulders of a strong management team lead by my father who died in 2013,” Facey stated before looking to the future.  “I am committed to the re-development of Downtown Kingston, the continued upgrading of New Kingston and other local projects that represent the best of Jamaica,” he added in his keynote presentation at the event.

(l-r) Members of the Board of Directors of Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited Donovan Perkins, Paul Facey, Stephen Facey, Kathleen Moss, Richard Byles and Paul Hanworth share a memorable moment for the company’s 50th anniversary Cocktail Party on Thursday March 5 held under the theme Strong Legacy – Powerful Future on the East Lawns of Devon House. Absent are Christopher Barnes, T. Mathew Pragnell and Ian Parsard.
An architect by training and a member of the Pan-Jamaican Executive for approximately 35 years, Stephen Facey is charged with the company’s most recent projects. Pan-Jam’s development of the new Marriott Courtyard Hotel, which will open its doors to the public later this year, is one such venture. As well, the company recently purchased the former Oceana Hotel located in Kingston Waterfront in 2014 and gained possession in January 2015. The project will have a major impact on the Downtown commercial district, with retail and office spaces, hotel accommodations and top tier amenities.

Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust (Pan-Jam), formed in 1964 was among the first companies to be listed on the newly formed Kingston Stock Exchange. Pan-Jam pioneered the development of high-rise commercial and residential properties in Jamaica. Today Pan-Jam is comprised of a diversified portfolio of investments, including wholly-owned businesses and investor partnerships in insurance, manufacturing, real estate, among others.

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