Tuesday, May 26, 2015

JMMB Launches Goal Getter Challenge With Up to $650K in Prizes

The JMMB Group's new web-based financial planning and goal-oriented challenge goes live on Wednesday, May 27. Open to anyone (over the age of 18) with a Facebook account, the JMMB Goal Getter Challenge is a virtual competition, which will take participants through an exciting array of tasks (otherwise called challenges), aimed at teaching sound money management skills. Participants will: learn more about what it takes to achieve their financial goals; see how JMMB can help them to achieve those goals; have fun while doing it (in the true JMMB spirit); and get an opportunity to win a share of $650,000 in cash prizes.

Hosted on www.jmmbgoalgetter.com, persons must register and have access to the internet via a mobile device, laptop or personal computer to participate. Then, participants will be asked to complete a number of challenges to win points toward various cash prizes. "There is $650,000 in cash prizes to be won during the challenge, so every point you get will count. The challenges will vary in their level of difficulty, which can be anything from posting a photo on Facebook to testing your knowledge of JMMB." explains Kerry-Ann Stimpson, Group Marketing Manager.

Kerry-Ann Stimpson (2nd left), JMMB Group Marketing Manager, and ­­­­­Damion Johnson, JMMB Network Administrator, shows singer songwriter Denyque how to compete in the JMMB Goal Getter Challenge, on her phone, while host Terri-Karelle looks on, at the media launch of the JMMB Goal Getter Challenge on Thursday, May 21, at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records.
This innovative virtual challenge is the first of its kind for the financial services sector in Jamaica. It reflects some of the core values of JMMB, which are hinged on love, mutual respect and standing for the greatness of each human being. Of course, JMMB is also big on having fun, and working towards financial goals should still be an enjoyable experience. "Other challenges that will be incorporated in the competition range from inviting participants to do something special to impact their community, to sharing ways to save the environment. These types of challenges are aligned with who we are as an entity, and what we stand for," adds Stimpson.

At the end of the challenge, participants would have learned goal planning techniques, and will get the opportunity to know what steps will work best for the specific financial goals to which they aspire. Expert advice will be provided along the way, and JMMB will also highlight ways in which they can help each participant to achieve their goals. Cash prize winners will get the opportunity to use their winnings to help them achieve their financial goals.

Kerry-Ann Stimpson, JMMB Group Markeing Manager

As part of the new "It's Easy as JMMB" marketing campaign, the Goal Getter Challenge will be entertaining and interactive, as it aims to get participants actively involved in planning for the future. "The more we interact with persons from across the island, the more we recognise just how passionate individuals are about achieving their financial goals and dreams." Stimpson expresses. One of JMMB's mandates is to empower individuals through financial education, thus helping them to attain their goals such as, buying a car or a house, going back to school, saving for his/her child's education or even just taking a vacation.

The competition is open to all persons residing in Jamaica who are 18 years of age and older. Beginning on Wednesday, May 27, three prizes will be awarded during the course of the competition, and grand prize, second place and third place winners will be chosen after July 30, 2015, when the challenge ends. To participate in the JMMB Goal Getter Challenge visitwww.jmmbgoalgetter.com.

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