Wednesday, June 10, 2015

JMMB Goal-Getter Challenge Goes Live

The JMMB Goal-Getter Challenge is now live! This unique challenge, open to Jamaican residents 18 years and older, is an exciting learning tool that will help participants become financially savvy while on the path to achieving their monetary goals and stand a chance to win up a share of $650,000 in cash prizes.

The challenge officially went live on Wednesday, May 27 shortly after 12am and in the first day participants completed over 400 challenges. Based online at, participants will be given a number of basic challenges to complete. These challenges aim to teach participants sound money management skills, while showcasing how JMMB can help them achieve their financial goals, all in an interactive and fun-filled environment.

The Group launched this latest promotion at Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records on Thursday, May 21, giving attendees a sneak peak at the challenges. They were asked to complete mini-challenges on the spot. The winner, singer-songwriter Denyque, received a Samsung 4 Tablet for finishing all of the assigned challenges, first. "The challenge is pretty intense, it's pretty competitive, some of them are really interactive like you have to use Instagram, and you have to use Facebook. It was really cool, I enjoyed it, you have to think and that's what I loved the most about it. So congrats JMMB I actually loved it," exclaimed an overjoyed Denyque.

Denyque (right), singer-songwriter and winner of the JMMB Goal Getter Challenge media launch competition, collects her prize of a Samsung Tab 4 from JMMB's Syretha Barrat the media Launch held at Tracks and Records on Thursday, May 21. The JMMB GoalGetter Challenge is an innovative fun web-based financial planning and goal oriented competition being introduced by JMMB.
Kerry-Ann Stimpson, Group Marketing Manager explained the challenge further, "There is $650,000 in cash prizes to be won during the challenge, so every point you get will count. The challenges will vary in their level of difficulty, which can be anything from posting a photo on Facebook to testing your knowledge of JMMB," she said. Stimpson then elaborated to express that in addition to the prizes, participants will become familiar with JMMB's products through interaction with their website. The challenges help to show participants exactly how to keep focused and take control of their financial dreams.

Second place went to Latoya West-Blackwood, an entrepreneur, and Lecia Rodney, a registered nurse, finished all of the challenges third. "It was really good. It forced me to think about some things, especially my financial goals that I wouldn't normally consider, and I found it very useful from that standpoint," West-Blackwood expressed. Other patrons at the launch echoed these sentiments, agreeing that the challenge has helped them to zone in on their financial goals, and some admitting that they're already thinking about how they can improve their financial status with JMMB's products.

Stimpson was also keen on the wider reach which the challenge could have, as participants will need to engage their communities to complete some of the challenges. "There are challenges that will be incorporated in the competition, which range from inviting participants to do something special to impact their community, to sharing ways to save the environment. These types of challenges are aligned with who we are as an entity, and what we stand for," concluded Stimpson. JMMB Group reminds us that working towards your financial goals can be a fun and rewarding experience and the challenge, with its various tasks, takes us through the mechanisms of doing just that. Jamaicans are invited to embark on the ultimate journey by signing up at .

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