Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mount Plenty Organics to stage inaugural Farm to Table charity event

Mount Plenty Organics, in association with Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust and the Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation, will present a fusion of food, art and goodwill on Sunday, November 8 in Orange Hall, St Ann. The mission is to raise funds for Boys Town Infant and Primary School.

Laura Facey-Cooper
The mandate of the C B Facey Foundation is to promote deserving purposes which are in line with Vision 2030 Jamaica, to benefit Jamaicans with particular emphasis on Education, the Arts and the Environment.
The Foundation was started by Facey-Cooper's father, the late Honourable Maurice Facey, OJ, JP, founder of Pan-Jam, in commemoration of his father.

Laura and husband Gordon Cooper will host guests from 12 noon to 6:00pm. Delectable, healthy meals will be served along with fun-filled activities. All proceeds are earmarked for Pan-Jam's mission to create a model school for Boys Town Infant and Primary by 2020.

"Our rustic and down to earth event promises to be inspiring. We'll be serving a cow on the spit, gorgeous fresh veggies prepared by Lisa Binns of 'Stush-in-the-Bush', fresh fish by Gina Mair of 'Eat Fresh' and much more. Our summer school children have prepared Jonkunu costumes and will perform. There will be revival singers, an art exhibition and auction with possibly a few cows being auctioned as well!" shares Facey-Cooper. 
Mechel Thompson
Mandeville born Mechel Thompson, a successful restaurateur and owner of New York City's beloved Jamaican restaurant, 'Maroons', will present sound foodie and business savvy advice. Thompson's expertise is sought after by global luxury brands, universities and non-profit organisations alike. 

"I love all the components of this Farm to Table event as well as Mount Plenty's objectives. I'm thrilled to be a part of this event. Food and art are two important assets and the possibility of connecting them to social and philanthropic work is even more dynamic," says Thompson. 

The term 'farm to table' refers to a movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers. Owner and operator of Mount Plenty Organics, Laura Facey-Cooper, intends to positively reinforce brand Jamaica through the farm to table concept by providing fresh organic vegetables, ground produce, herbs, meats and wines grown or manufactured locally.

To achieve organic certification, Mount Plenty Organics has been working, with the help of volunteers, The Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement (JOAM), The Source Farm and Eco Village, ZionItes Farm (home of Stush-in-the-Bush) and others.

Further details are available online: http://mtplentyorganics.com/

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