Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reining in the Rains with LASCO Pharmaceutical

The long dry season has been broken and we welcome the rains. However, with the season of unpredictable weather, many Jamaicans are often left battling respiratory illnesses.

LASCO Distributors Ltd., Pharmaceuticals Division recognizes that during this period there is increased rainfall and tendency for hurricanes, this period is often associated with patients experiencing varied respiratory illnesses.  LASCO Pharmaceuticals is aiming to safeguard the health and wellbeing of persons who are concerned about falling prey to such conditions and we want to help to ease some of the burden Jamaicans face as they take care of themselves and their families. “We have taken steps to ensure that adequate stocks are available to meet the demand for certain types of medication that is needed during this season”, stated Hortense Edwards, General Manager for the Pharmaceutical Division.

Similarly, Dr. Myrton Smith, President of the Medical Association of Jamaica advised that there is “an increased risk of acquiring and transmitting upper and lower respiratory tract infections occurs when there is increased rainfall as well as colder and longer nights. While most of these infections are viral and do not pose an imminent risk to life for the young and healthy, it may cause other important consequences such as loss productivity in terms of work as well as school attendance and performance. There is also the risk of complications especially in the very young or very old or those with compromised immune systems.”

A study done by Dr. Eulalia Kokuangisa Kahwa, published in the British Journal (volume, month and year), determined the significant prevalence and severity of asthma and allergies among Jamaican children aged 2–17years. She purported that the prevalence of asthma symptoms were higher in children who had allergies and concluded that significant risk factors for asthma include chest infections in the first year of life, a history of asthma in the family, allergies, moulds and pets in the home.

“Most persons with upper respiratory tract infections can be effectively treated with over the counter (OTC) medications to relieve symptoms,” stated Dr. Smith.

“However, it is recommended that the Pharmacist or your doctor be consulted regarding any drug interactions with other medications that they may be taking or the potential negative impact on existing medical conditions. Patients who have severe symptoms or who have a history of respiratory illness such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) should consult their physicians early as they may need prescription medications such as antibiotics. Patients with weakened immune systems (the very young, elderly and persons on long-term steroids) should consult their physicians early after the onset of symptoms as they will need close monitoring.” Dr. Smith noted.

LASCO Pharmaceutical Division is one of Jamaica’s leading distributors of pharmaceuticals. The company has solid business partnerships with global international pharmaceutical companies who manufacture and supply quality world-class brands to meet the needs of our nation.

During this season LASCO Pharmaceuticals continues to ensure access to quality and affordable healthcare choices for all Jamaicans and now distributes Novagesic Flu (multi-symptom) in addition to Vitamins and other known brands such as Alerid (Cetirizine) and Fexigra (Fexofenadine) which are widely recommended antihistamines for treating allergic conditions.

References: Kahwa, E.K., et al (2012). British Medical Journal 2:e001132 l. Retrieve from

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