Tuesday, November 10, 2015

e-Sports boosted by P2P Betting and Gaming Entertainment

Clan Pro Circuit (CPC), the leading organizers of competitive gaming tournaments in Jamaica, e-sports, has announced a landmark deal with P2P Betting & Gaming Entertainment. The sponsorship marks the first such investment in local e-sports on any level and could be a catalyst for the industry to become main-stream. Globally e-sports is one of the fastest growing industries, with already over 400-million players representing a US$612 million global market. Through online streaming e-sports has an approximate viewership of over 130-million globally spending over 2 billion hours watching games.

CEO of P2P Betting & Gaming Entertainment, Sandra Donaldson noted that while an emerging segment in Jamaica, e-sports has already attracted hundreds of gamers locally and based on the global projected growth can blossom into an industry leader for gaming entertainment.

“At Post-to-Post our goal is to continuously improve and enhance the gaming entertainment experiences we carry to our customers by bringing them new and exciting products. This partnership represents yet another fulfillment of this goal. Post-to-Post is about gaming entertainment and when one considers the staggering statistics for e-sports globally, it naturally follows that we put our support behind the team with the vision to organize and lead what many may believe is an idle hobby. Post-to-Post wants to be a part of bringing this exciting phenomenon to Jamaica and looks forward to the continued success of the Clan Pro Circuit team in staging their series of e-sports gaming events,” said Donaldson.

Gregory Moore Chairman of Clan Pro Circuit shakes hands with Sandra Donaldson, CEO of P2P Betting & Gaming Entertainment , while Andrew Johnson Clan Pro Circuit Tournament Manager looks on at a briefing on Monday, November 2 to announce their partnership for the upcoming Clan Pro Circuit e-sports 2015 Season Finale, dubbed, “Mash Di Button” which is slated for Saturday, November 29 at the Shirley Retreat Hotel.
Gregory Moore, Chairman of Clan Pro Circuit, is elated to have corporate support for the first time in the history of local e-sports, and is hopeful this will trigger a boom in the industry as Jamaica is being carefully monitored by e-sports enthusiasts around the region.

“This is a big step forward! We have been putting on tournaments now for the past several years and we have gained invaluable experience.  We believe there is a big market for e-sports locally and the participation we get at our tournaments with our limited budgets prior to this is testament to that. With the support from Post-to-Post we can look to organize larger tournaments and establish official committees to govern competitive gaming as is the case in other parts of the world,” said Moore.

Jamaica is currently lagging behind in terms of e-sports within the region with massive tournaments being held in Barbados and other territories. With the support of their local companies and telecommunications networks, which is integral to e-sports, they are able to host large scale tournaments with several foreign players and huge cash prizes.

“Even with how far ahead the rest of the region is, everyone is looking to Jamaica. They are monitoring feverishly and waiting for us to announce a big local tournament which they can be part of, so e-sports has the potential to become a massive contributor to local sport tourism,” Moore concluded.

CPC organizers also announced the Season Finale of the Clan Pro Circuit Competitive Gaming 2015 season, dubbed ‘Mash Di Button’ to be held at the Shirley Retreat Hotel, 7 Maeven Avenue, Kingston 10, on Saturday, November 29.

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