Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jamaicans choose Huawei Smartphones

 On January 5, Huawei announced, that it is the world's No.3 smartphone maker, with 9.7% worldwide market share. The explosion of data driven apps has resulted in an increased demand for smart phones worldwide and has contributed to the saturation of data enabled handsets in the markets. This move toward the affordable Huawei brand is mirrored in the Jamaican market with consumers seeking inexpensive devices with smart functionality.

"The Jamaican consumers' need for affordable data enabled devices to keep connected has encouraged our entry to the market as LASCO is committed to make everyday living affordable to all Jamaicans. The Huawei products are stylish and functional and easily accessible to every Jamaican through our extensive retail network island wide," explained Nicolene Donaldson, Marketing Manager, LASCO Financial Services, distributors of Huawei in Jamaica.

With a focus on growth in new markets, the Chinese brand has steadily gained traction in several markets eroding market share from traditional high end brands. The Wall Street Journal, in an article titled, China's Huawei Hopes to Connect With U.S. Smartphone Market, published on December 15, 2015 stated that "In the months from July to September, Huawei's world-wide smartphone shipments jumped 61%. That outpaced by far the overall industry, which grew 6.8%, according to research firm IDC. In some European markets such as Italy and Spain, Huawei's sales have been growing in the high-end segment, researchers say."

A  Beautiful Union!
Key members of the LASCO Financial Services and Huawei teams present a united front at the official LASCO Financial Services (LFSL) and Huawei Launch held at The Liguanea Club, New Kingston on November 13, 2015. The launch revealed the latest unlocked Huawei devices, now available at over 10 LASCO agent locations island-wide.

(L-R) Nicolene Donaldson, Marketing Manager of LFSL; Chrysta-Jaye Walker, Marketing Manager of Huawei Devices Jamaica; Jacinth Hall-Tracey, Managing Director of LFSL; Alex Wu, Country Manager of Huawei Devices Jamaica;  Mrs. Beverly Douglas, Deputy General Manager (Remittance) of LFSL; Ms. Atasha Bernard, Financial Accountant of LFSL; and Kenrick Philips Telecoms Sales Manager of LFSL.

As Jamaicans respond to the global acceptance of the Huawei brand Worthy Donaldson further advised that, "LASCO Financial Services has also upped the ante, by providing greater access to the affordable smart phones with the availability of convenient micro loans to acquire these products."

The "connected revolution" has seen apps including WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram encouraging content creation and connectivity of communities and people worldwide and has fuelled the real time sharing of news and other content. The increased usage has boosted real time jobs including blogging, virtual assistants and internet traffic managers. The use of smart devices are now also a  key tool for regular tasks such as keeping in touch with family members and keeping the family on one schedule.

Donaldson went on to suggest that LASCO Financial Services Limited, local distributors of Huawei products, notes with interest the changing demographic using its smart phone devices. "In recent times we have seen the demographic that uses smart phone devices expand to include younger and older members of the society. We note that instant messaging, calendar, news and content sharing apps are also quite popular with this age group."

As consumers rationalize their expenditure to deal with harsh economic circumstances Huawei is offering affordable alternatives to more costly brands with the same functionality and convenience.

The continued liberalization of the telecommunications market is affording customers real savings and access to benefits. The recent implementation of number portability and the availability of unlocked devices at all telecom dealerships to come on-stream later in the year are making competitive rates and other benefits readily available to consumers. Unlocked and dual SIM Huawei devices and Talkbands are available at 11 LASCO MONEYGRAM locations island wide.


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