Thursday, March 31, 2016

Corporal Kimaryo Pinnock cops LASCO/JCF Police of the Year Award

2016-2017 LASCO Top Cop
Corporal Kimaryo D. Pinnock
Corporal Kimaryo Pinnock of the Motorized Patrol Division was beaming with pride as he was announced as the LASCO/JCF Police Officer of the Year 2016/2017 at the annual awards luncheon on Wednesday, March 30 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. Corporal Pinnock took home the Police of the Year Trophy along with a $250,000 cash prize. Detective Constable Dameian Haye, who serves within the Criminal Investigation Branch out of the Sligoville Police Station, was named first runner-up and awarded $200,000 while Constable Odaine Williams of the Mobile Reserve took the second runner-up spot and received $100,000.

A native of St. Thomas, Corporal Pinnock has served as a member of the JCF for 17 years, 12 of which has been spent within the Motorized Patrol Division. The long serving Corporal also holds a Master of Science Degree in Work Force Training and Education and a Bachelor of Education in Technical Vocational Education and Training, majoring in Family and Consumer Studies, both from the University of Technology. In addition to his career in the JCF and his studies, Pinnock has also been active within his community as he initiated a Health and Family Life Education Programme in Lysson District, St. Thomas in 2015.  He also piloted the Cognitive Change, Attitudinal Change, Improve Learning and Positive Mentorship (CALM) intervention programme at the Donald Quarrie High School in 2012 to remediate the challenges of disruptive behaviours and poor socialization skills displayed in schools.

Founder and Executive Chairman, LASCO Affiliated Companies, Hon. Lascelles Chin, was thankful to the Jamaican Constabulary for their continued dedication and protection of the nation and also used his address to urge, the finalists especially, to continue their excellent service while assuring LASCO’s commitment to supporting the JCF.

“We are all touched in one way or another by the work of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and today we are saying to them, we appreciate your bravery and courage as you leave your family daily to protect us. As a LASCO Cop of the Year finalist, you were identified and selected by your peers based on your superior service, community involvement, and sound educational background. We urge you therefore, to wear this LASCO badge of honour with dignity and never, by your actions or lack of action, bring shame to it or the JCF. I assure that LASCO recognizes excellence in the JCF and we will never forget that the highest appreciation is not uttering words, but living by them. You can count on our support as you serve and protect our nation with professionalism and distinction,” said Chin.

The Police of the Year Awards Programme was initiated in 2000 through a partnership between LASCO and the JCF to publicly acknowledge the professionalism and dedication of the members of the force. Pinnock has now joined a band of elite officers who proudly wear the badge of LASCO/JCF Police Officer of the Year or more popularly referred to as the LASCO Top Cop.

The selection process for the LASCO/JCF Police of the Year Award identified outstanding persons from the Divisional and Area levels before having 12 finalists selected for the National level. The finalists participated in a week of activities to build camaraderie, share experiences and best practices. During this week, the finalists were accommodated at Christar Villas, which has been partnering with LASCO for the past six years.

The finalists demonstrated their public speaking skills, through presentations at a luncheon hosted at the LASCO Offices. Following this evaluation process, a final panel interview was conducted to select the LASCO Top Cop and the second and third place winners.

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