Wednesday, June 8, 2016

LASCO REAP crowns new victors; Enjoys successful fourth year of environment protection programme

The LASCO Re-leaf Environmental Awareness Programme (REAP) announce three new winning schools during an exciting awards ceremony held on Thursday, June 2 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

First place was awarded to Montego Bay-based Howard Cooke Primary who were also victors in the categories of Best Poem and Best Essay. And in second was St Hugh’s Preparatory who also walked away with the Best Song category. New Forest Infant, Primary and Junior High from Manchester placed third and claimed the Best Garden Category.

Overall winner Howard Cooke primary received 10 computers and two tablets for Best Poem and Best Essay; St. Hugh’s Prep received a 40” Smart TV as well as $10,000 for Best Song; and New Forest Infant, Primary and Junior High received a digital projector and screen along with $50,000 and a water tank for Best Garden.

REAP Project Director Stephen Newland, was pleased by the results as it highlighted the strong impact the programme is having in schools across the island.

“The programme is about awareness and incentive built knowledge around saving and preserving our environment. Having none of our previous winners in the top three doesn’t mean those schools are doing poorly; it simply means other schools have seen the work they have done and have gone a bit further. Healthy competition for a healthy environment. We cannot give enough thanks to all those who have come on board to make this positive change for our island’s future.”

Under the 2016 theme of “Pick Up The Pace To Zero Waste”, LASCO REAP collected a record of 706,000 bottles through the over 80 participating schools. This amount surpasses the combined total bottles collected in the past three years, amounting to a grand total of 1.2 million bottles collected since the programme’s inception.

Proud partners LASCO Affiliated Companies was not shy with praise for the schools that continue to answer the call and raise the bar for the REAP initiative.

“Congratulations to all participating schools and a special welcome to the new participating schools. Congratulations for the trees you saved or planted, the gardens you nurtured or the plastic bottles you collected,” stated Hon. Lascelles Chin, Executive Chairman and Founder of LASCO Affiliated Companies. “Never ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed students like you can change the world. History shows that it’s small passionate, committed groups like you that have made the most significant changes in the world. “

Second Place St. Hugh's Preparatory
 & LASCO Distributors Marketing Manager
Kelia-Gaye Dunbar (right)
LASCO REAP also recognized Bath Primary and Junior High for Most Trees Planted; Mandeville Primary and Cambridge Primary for Best Garden in Middlesex and Cornwall respectively; Farm Primary and Junior High for Most Bottles Collected; St. Jago Cathedral Prep for Best Visual Art; and Allman Town Primary for Best Dub Poem, which was a special acknowledgement by REAP Project Director Stephen Newland.

LASCO REAP aims to educate children about the value of the natural environment and the enjoyment associated with outdoor activity. Participants are guided in their pursuit of positive goals and outcomes. The added incentives, increases the value of the programme to children, and demonstrates the importance of environmental awareness. LASCO REAP was conceived in 2012 through the vision of Stephen Newland and partnership of LASCO Affiliated Companies.

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