Friday, August 19, 2016

Pan-Jam releases reflective documentary

Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited (Pan-Jam) released a 22 minute documentary
Strong Legacy Powerful Future as part of its observance of Maurice Facey Day 2016 on Friday, August 12.
The documentary premiered on on Friday, August 12, what would have been the 91st birthday of the late Maurice Facey.
The documentary reflects, not only on the phenomenal 50 years that the private equity company celebrated in 2015, but also on the life and legacy of its founding chairman, Maurice.
Strong Legacy Powerful Future fittingly describes how Mr. Facey is being remembered by his surviving family, former friends, and business associates.

A still shot of widow Valarie Facey from the
Pan-Jam50 documentary
The documentary begins with his widow Valerie, to whom he was married for 61 years. She speaks of Maurice’s growth from being a salesman in his father’s business, to becoming the man responsible for a significant portion of Jamaica’s urban development.


“My husband’s real dream as a child was to create a fabulous city, and Kingston could be one of the nicest and most beautiful cities in the world,” the family matriarch said.

“He also had a vision for the redevelopment of downtown, Kingston,” says chairman of the Sagicor Group and close friend of Facey, Honourable R. Danvers Williams, “which unfortunately, he didn’t live long enough to do”.
Williams, in the documentary, gives some of his earlier memories with the late business tycoon, and describes his dear friend as a man with a lot of vision and ideas for what he wants to accomplish.
A photograph of downtown Kingston's earliest commercial high-rise developments by Maurice Facey: the​ 100,000 square foot Scotiabank Centre (centre) on Port Royal Street, and the Air Jamaica Building (right) on Harbour Street. On the left is the Bank of Jamaica. 
"We are going to nurture those seeds,” says current chairman and CEO of Pan-Jam, and son of Maurice Facey, Stephen, “While we continue to support the growth and development of our other major assets.”
Richard Byles, CEO and President at Sagicor Group Jamaica, who also served as CEO at Pan-Jam; Dr. Ralph Thompson, former managing director at Pan-Jam; and Alastair McBeath, former chief financial officer, also gave their fond recollections of the institution’s founding chairman.
The future of Pan-Jamaican and the integral role it has to play in the development of Jamaica are emphasised in the short film.
While they reflect on how Pan-Jam has been able to sustain itself in the harsh economic reality, issues of the company’s social and environmental responsibility to the country are highlighted. Pan-Jam’s current leadership also challenges other Jamaican businesses to ensure they are playing their part to achieve the goals we set for our nation.
“One of the things that we’ve learnt here is, as people succeed, we, Jamaica, all succeed, says Sam Cooper, development manager at Pan-Jam’s wholly owned subsidiary Jamaica Property Company. “That has been a focus for the group.”

Stephen Facey, chairman and CEO of Pan-Jamaican Investment Trust Limited inspects the construction progress of the first hotel built in New Kingston in 30 years — the Courtyard by Marriott Kingston. 
About Maurice Facey Day
Pan-Jam began observing Maurice Facey Day, on his birthday August 12, a few months after his passing on April 2, 2013, to recognise the pioneer of high-rise construction in Kingston; the family’s patriarch; and chief giver. This is the third observance by the private equity company.

In 2015, Pan-Jam’s philanthropic arm, Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation, observed Maurice Facey Day by renovating the bathrooms at the Boy’s Town Infant and Primary School to the tune of $1.4 million, in collaboration with the GraceKennedy Foundation, which contributed $300,000.

This year, the company’s observance encompasses the premiere of Strong Legacy, Powerful Future as well as officially launch of the Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation’s first website

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