Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wellness on Wheels: Sagicor Mobile Wellness offers efficient Screenings

One of the two Sagicor Mobile Wellness Units that travel across the island to provide healthcare for community members.
The SagicorGroup has put efficiency front and centre as the organization continues to embark on community wellness initiatives taking wellness to the people within the communities across Jamaica.  Doctors' offices are generally open only during daytime business hours, but the Sagicor Foundation understands that workers often times have a different work schedule that doesn't accommodate typical doctor's-office hours. The Sagicor Mobile Wellness units have the ability to rove across the island taking health care to the people of the different communities and have been doing so for 25 years. As a matter of efficiency, the mobile wellness units visit places of business offering screening services in a mobile unit or in a community conference room.

A student gets his weight measured inside the 
Sagicor Mobile Wellness Unit at a recently
held Health Fair at Wolmer’s High School.
“We have a pretty small but fully functional unit that goes into communities across the island to provide well needed services to community members. Despite the unit being a small one, it’s fully equipped to perform a wide range of services,” says Willard Brown, Vice President, Employee Benefits and Actuary . “Getting such a small unit was something that we considered to be more efficient because we would be able to reach even more people in some communities that might not be accessible with a bigger unit,” he ended.

Flexible screening options, flexible staff
The wellness units are able to perform a wide range of medical tests such as hearing and vision screening, blood pressure screenings, various blood tests, ECG, HIV, Urine and pregnancy tests and wellness exams and physician examinations. The health professionals who operate the mobile units are just as versatile, with multiple testing skills and certifications. Typically, a mobile health-testing unit staff consists of three to five health professionals, but each individual is certified to perform multiple types of health tests.
Though the Sagicor Wellness mobile units are an excellent way to have onsite testing without intruding in your workplace, the Sagicor Foundation recognizes that some projects are bigger than even the best-equipped mobile unit and offers the ability of setting up screening locations: The Sagicor Paramedic Unit also sometimes set up testing centers in offices, customer conference rooms  to meet a customer's health-screening requirements.

About Sagicor Group Jamaica

A student being eye examination
inside the Sagicor Mobile Wellness Unit.
Sagicor Group Jamaica is a financial services conglomerate. The Group offers products and services in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Investments, Real Estate, Asset Management and Retirement Planning. Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited is the leading Life and Health insurance provider in Jamaica. The Company commenced operations in 1970 as Life  of Jamaica Limited, the first locally owned life insurance company and    the first life insurance company to be listed on the JSE. The Sagicor Group owns the 3rd largest bank in Jamaica and one of the top Investments Company. Sagicor Group Jamaica is a member of the wider Sagicor Financial Corporation. Sagicor Financial Corporation operates in over 20 countries and its operations date back to 1840.


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