Friday, November 4, 2016

LASCO Gives Young Jamaicans Bright Smiles

LASCO Affiliated Companies is providing support to the organizers of National Oral Health month observed in October to ensure healthy benefits to young Jamaicans.

The company partnered with the Jamaica Dental Association to provide free dental checkups and services to over 400 students. The first fair was held at the Girl’s Guide Headquarters in Kingston on Thursday, October 20 which provided services to over 100 students from Kingston and St Andrew. LASCO is also a sponsor of the Help Jamaica Smile Foundation’s 2nd Annual Oral cancer Walk/Run on Saturday, October 29 at Hope Botanical Gardens.
Niager Smith, Dental Hygienist receives an embrace from a grateful Jequane Bogues of Half Way Tree Primary School during the LASCO Sponsored Oral Health Fair in partnership with the Dental Association of Jamaica. The fairs provided services to over 100 students from four in Kingston, St. Andrew and St Catherine. The fair was held on Thursday, October 20 at the Girl’s Guide Association Headquarters in Kingston.
Nicole Masters, Brand Manager at LASCO, lauded the organizations who are working together to highlight the significance of Oral health. “The LASCO family strongly promotes healthy living and through strong family values and as such we are pleased to see the unification of several bodies to particular empower young Jamaicans to develop good oral health habits,” She noted.

Masters also made the call for Jamaicans to take oral health seriously, “Oral cancer is often referred to as a “silent killer” because there is usually no other symptoms. While all other cancers are on the decline, the incidence of oral cancer is rapidly increasing. There are insufficient facilities available in Jamaica to treat these persons as well as affordability is also an issue. LASCO is aware and eager to assist in the fight against oral cancer in Jamaica. We are urging Jamaicans to support these endeavours and to help save lives. “

This year LASCO reinforced its commitment to the fight for improved Oral health by sponsoring Oral Health Fairs in Kingston & St. Andrew, Mandeville and St. Ann, providing dental educational talks, oral health screenings and treatments for over 400 children as well as lunches and other refreshments. Gwen Neil and Collins Close Basic schools which are sponsored by LASCO also participated.
(R) Nicole Masters, Brand Manager at LASCO Affiliated Companies shares a light moment with Dr. Mark Edwards and Dr. Lissa Pinkney-Gayle at the Oral Health fair at the Girls Guide Headquarters on Thursday, October 20. LASCO Sponsored the Oral Health Fair that is part of the Oral Health Month of Activities.
Dr. Lissa Pinkney-Gayle, Chairperson of Oral Health Month coordinated by the Jamaica Dental Health Association, had high praises for LASCO’S involvement in a programme she deems significant for the health of our nation. “LASCO is always one of our very good partners, they are always on board when it comes to Oral Health as we would say we want to do this and LASCO’S response is when? We have a very good partnership as LASCO also promotes healthy living and good oral habits and we are happy for that,” she explained.

Dr. Pinkney-Gayle also outlined the focus of National Oral Health Month, “We have a focus each year, sometimes we visit homes for the elderly but this year we wanted the focus to be on going back to the basics with our children because we are looking at oral health matters. Floss like a boss is our tag line, we want to take it back to basics with the children so that they learn these habits and practice these habits.”

The Kingston and St. Andrew fair was serviced by a team led by Dr. Mark Edwards, of Exclusive Dental care  and faculty member Northern Caribbean University (NCU). The team consisted of dentist, hygienist and Dental hygiene students Northern Caribbean University. The students benefitted from examinations and cleanings, and where other services such as extractions were required a notation provided to the teachers to have their parents follow-up with their dentists.

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