Thursday, December 1, 2016

InPulse Art Project providing holistic development for young Jamaicans

Alain Carreau (second-right), CEO RUBiS Energy Jamaica, stopped to share a photo with the student artistes (L-R) Rameesh Ramsay, Davaska McDonald, Kirk Cockburn and Sheldon Green during the InPulse Art Project open studio exhibit at the Dunoon Technical High School Art Room on Friday, November 25.
The InPulse Art Project is a long term creative arts and skills development programme that offers students between the ages of 15 – 25 studio-practice workshops to build on artistic skills along with remedial educational courses to improve competency in core academic disciplines at the Dunoon Technical High School. The Project had an open studio exhibit on Friday, November 25 organized by project manager and visual artiste Camille Chedda and attended by Lorraine Gobin, Managing Director of Rubis Mécénat cultural fund at the Dunoon Technical High School Art Room to showcase the works in progress of the students. The InPulse Art Project was established in 2015 as a community based socio-educational initiative by Rubis Mécénat cultural fund and RUBiS Energy Jamaica.

Alain Carreau (left), CEO RUBiS Energy Jamaica was impressed with the likeness of the self portrait of student artiste Davaska McDonald (right) during the InPulse Art Project open studio exhibit inside the art room of Dunoon Technical High School on Friday, November 25.
Tewnty-five students, secondary level and out of school community members, were enrolled to the project for 2016 following the successful launch year of the project which culminated in scholarship awards to two students, Akelia Satchell and Jordan Harrison. Both were awarded with the opportunity to continue their studies at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, a long term objective of the project for the students who wish to further their studies in the arts.

Furthermore, the InPulse Art Project serves as a platform to connect students with key players in the art industry and contacts in the art market locally and internationally. The programme’s workshops are conducted by a team of local artistes including project manager Camille Chedda who tutors in art history, drawing and painting along with Stanford Watson, drawing, painting and stills and Oneika Russell who conducts workshops in animation. Other notable visual arts professionals are also invited as guest presenters at different workshops during the programme.

CEO of RUBiS Energy Jamaica had high praises for the project and especially the potential long term impact of the skills developed and how it will improve the lives of the students who are involved.

“InPulse aims to use the visual arts to positively impact young Jamaicans growing up in tough urban communities, while helping to develop and mould emerging talents in Jamaica. The project exposes the students to the visual arts as a means of expression, as a vocational skill and as a means of engagement for future opportunities including higher education and potential financial gains. We are fully committed to the project and offer our support however we can, including staff members volunteering their time and effort in various administrative tasks and logistics,” explained Carreau.

Alain Carreau (center), CEO RUBiS Energy Jamaica shared a light moment with Lorraine Gobin (left), Managing Director RUBiS Mecenat and Shawn Aarons (right), Principal Dunoon Technical High School during the InPulse Art Project open studio exhibit on Friday, November 25. The social, art driven, project that was implemented by the RUBiS Mecenat cultural fund, in association with RUBiS Energy Jamaica.
The InPulse Art Project was initiated by Lorraine Gobin, Managing Director Rubis Mécénat cultural fund, the endowment fund of the Rubis Group. The fund’s main focus is to give birth and develop socio-cultural projects in selected countries, such as Jamaica, where the RUBiS Group operates. Through working with RUBiS Energy Jamaica and the project artists the initiative seeks to provide empowerment with a view to offer new perspectives and improve the environment and lives of selected youngsters from local communities through the visual arts.

Along with the development of youths involved in the project, Rubis Mécénat will support the new generation of artists nurtured, by organizing exhibitions as well as commissioning works of art. The InPulse Art Project is the fund’s second social art initiative following the Of Soul and Joy Photography Project in Thokoza, South Africa, launched in 2012.

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