Thursday, January 26, 2017

RUBiS Responds to JGRA False Allegations

RUBiS Energy Jamaica takes issue with several inaccurate, defamatory and misleading accusations offered by the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association (JGRA) President, Philip Chong.  The recently upgraded St. Ann’s Bay Service Station on Main Street was opened on Friday, January 20, 2017.

The relationships with our service station operators and by extension with our customers is of great value to us. In addition, the private business engagements we have with our retailers is both ongoing and extensive.

It is therefore of great concern to us that the JGRA has issued public ultimatums which could have an adverse national impact. Due to the serious implications of fuelling operations nationally, RUBiS has taken the extra-ordinary decision to make a public declaration on the claims being put forward by the JGRA President.

The JGRA erroneously claims, firstly, that RUBiS’ decision to rescind the contract of the St. Ann’s Bay operators will cause ethical and legal breaches. Secondly, it is also posited that RUBiS only notified the dealer of renovation plans, and only advised of the taking over of operations following the completion of same.

Alain Carreau, RUBiS Energy Jamaica CEO
RUBiS’s CEO Alain Carreau dismisses these claims and clarifies the matter.

“RUBiS has been engaged in ongoing contractual negotiations with the operators of the St. Ann’s Bay Service Station since 2015. These negotiations continued up to June 2016 without success.” Carreau then pointed out that due notice of the pending severance of the business relationship was given when the operator were informed of the decision to not move forward with their contract to operate at the location on July 19, 2016.

Carreau also cleared the air regarding other erroneous claims by the JGRA.

“RUBiS has dealt with the matter, and will continue to do so in private, within the confines of the law and through good business practice and principles. At no time did RUBiS approach the situation with hostility, in fact, in a show of good faith we retained former staff who indicated their interest to return.  The station is currently being operated by RUBiS with a full complement of staff” explained Carreau.

Under RUBiS’ management, the company undertook a multi-million-dollar modernization exercise to elevate the safety and standards of the facility for the benefit of the St. Ann’s Bay community.  Carreau noted that, “RUBiS will continue to invest in the renovation of more service stations in 2017.  Our company mandate is to reinvest in infrastructure to ensure modern, high quality services and a friendly, yet safer consumer environment as a part of our commitment to Jamaica.”

“We value our relationship with our retailers and by extension our customers.  As we continue to have dialogue with the related stakeholders, it is expected that the public will enjoy normal business operations islandwide,” concluded Carreau.

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