Tuesday, January 31, 2017

RUBiS to continue Dealer Negotiations in Private

Petroleum marketing company RUBiS has indicated that while it has no intention of reversing its position in relation to the service station it fully owns at St Ann’s Bay, it will further seek to continue to negotiate contracts privately with each retailer, as each contract is of private commercial nature by law.

This follows separate discussions by the Energy Ministry with RUBiS and the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association (JGRA) on Friday, January 27, 2017 in an effort to avoid any threatened business disruption led by JGRA.

In a subsequent press release issued by the Energy Ministry, the Government of Jamaica acknowledged the rights of RUBiS and each dealer to continue their individual contract negotiations privately.

“The issues outlined by the JGRA and RUBIS were of a private commercial and contractual nature and were consequently outside of the remit of the GOJ to intervene,” said the Energy Ministry’s release.

Alain Carreau
Alain Carreau, CEO, RUBiS Energy Jamaica
RUBiS Energy Jamaica Limited is pleased with the Ministry’s stance and advised that the matter will continue to be dealt with privately as it should be between two entities engaged in business.

“The Minister has supported our right to select with whom we wish to contract with and to negotiate terms in compliance with the laws of Jamaica,” explained RUBiS.  “The private business engagements we have with each of our retailers are, and always have been, both ongoing and extensive. The relationships with our service station operators and by extension our consumers is of greatest value to our company and as such we employ due diligence, both ethically and legally, in all matters,” said RUBiS.

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