Monday, March 6, 2017

RUBiS urges Jamaicans to stand against recent attacks against women and children

RUBiS Energy Jamaica urges Jamaicans to take a strong stand against acts of violence that target the nation's women and children. Last Friday, February 10. RUBiS hosted an event aimed at showing their support for the victims, families and other loved ones who have been affected by the recent attacks.
RUBiS' CEO, Alain Carreau encouraged staff and teams to, "Learn to talk your problems out," rather than allowing them to escalate into confrontational situations.

CEO RUBiS Energy Jamaica, Alain Carreau (left) welcomes, Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Community Safety and Security, Bishop Dr. Gary Welsh, guest speaker at the RUBiS staff event in support of victims and families of violent attacks on Friday, February 10. Looking on is Jamaica Constabulary Force Corporal, Tanya Layne.

Guest speaker, Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Community Safety and Security, Bishop Dr. Gary Welsh, had a similar message of accountability. Welsh delivered a poignant and practical message to the audience around the theme LOVE - an acronym for Legislate, Overcome, Violence and Emancipate oneself.
"As a police officer I cannot legislate what happens within your bedrooms," said Dr. Welsh. He emphasized the need to set personal rules for which you are accountable. These he noted could range from not engaging in sexual intercourse with underage parties to not having multiple relationships simultaneously.
An offshoot of the Jamaica Constabulary Force's Love Me to Live not Love me to Death - a campaign against Domestic Violence, Dr. Welsh noted in his presentation the theme's need to accentuate the positivity of love.
He went on to share the need to overcome that is, resist tempting but negative situations; resist violence and ensure the ability to have financial and emotional independence/ emancipation when necessary.
Dr. Welsh also encouraged Jamaicans to download the Stay Alert Mobile Application which has a built in panic system allowing individuals in trouble to promptly contact the police.
The function was centered on the theme, "No to Violence Against Women and Children", which saw staff members donning shirts bearing the same graphic and making presentations about safety tips, all persons can employ.
RUBiS will continue to rally against violence towards women and children through a number of upcoming events. The petroleum marketing company plans to find means of encouraging other Jamaicans to help bring even greater awareness to the issue which affect and touches all Jamaicans.

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