Monday, May 1, 2017

Sagicor’s Investment in Mineral Heights Clarendon

Sagicor Group Jamaica today issued a statement to clarify comments in the media regarding its development in Mineral Heights, Clarendon.

Over the last decade, Sagicor Group Jamaica either, directly or indirectly, invested billions in Jamaica. Through these investments Sagicor employs a large number of Jamaicans.  One such venture is the development of the “Millennium Mall” in Mineral Heights, Clarendon. Sagicor sought, and received approval from the National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA (Ref: 2012-13017-EP00132) on October 4, 2013; and received Parish Council approval on September 19, 2014 (Ref: 2014-13013-PB00237).  Following the reception of all approvals, infrastructural work on storm water drainage, roads and sewage lines commenced and were completed.

Since the start of the project, two years ago, numerous meetings took place with the Project Managers and members of the Parish Council, with the most recent being on January 16, 2017. At this meeting the Parish Council was represented by Superintendent Department Officers, Planning Department Officers and the Councilor for the Division.  The site was inspected against the, “Approved Plans and Conditions” and found to be compliant.

Ingrid Card, Vice President Group Marketing at Sagicor Group Jamaica explained, “In January when The Project Managers met with the Parish Council and its representatives, it was expressed to them that Sagicor had cleaned the entire drainage system as we found that it was not cleaned for a number of years”.  Card went on to state that, “the drain was cleaned and that Sagicor will be upgrading the entire drainage network along the Parish Council road as a stakeholder in the community and as part of our social response to an existing problem.”
About Sagicor Group Jamaica

Sagicor Group Jamaica is a financial services conglomerate.  The Group offers products and services in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Investments, Real Estate, Asset Management and Retirement Planning.  Sagicor  Life  Jamaica  Limited  is  the  leading  Life  and  Health  insurance provider in  Jamaica. The  Company  commenced  operations in  1970 as  Life  of  Jamaica  Limited,  the  first locally owned  life  insurance  company  and  the  first  life  insurance  company  to  be  listed  on  the  JSE. The Sagicor Group owns the 3rd largest bank in Jamaica and is one of the top Investments Companies.   Sagicor Group Jamaica is a member of the wider Sagicor Financial Corporation.  Sagicor Financial Corporation operates in over 20 countries and its operations date back to 1840.

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