Thursday, June 15, 2017

5 Ways Social Media has Changed Public Relations

Over the past decade, Technology has changed many things in the world and public relations is no exception. The PR field has seen many communication advancements but nothing has impacted it more than the growth and popularity of social media.
Social media has completely modified how people communicate not to mention when they communicate, where they communicate and who they communicate with.

In light of this we decided to highlight five ways social media has impacted public relations forever:

24/7 News Cycle

The social sphere is best known for its 24 hours/7 days a week characteristic that can be a blessing and a curse for PR pros.
On the upside, the all-day-every-day news cycle can deliver good news at any time with just a click of a button or a swipe of a screen and know that there is always someone listening and ready to respond. It can also provide the opportunity to give the public live updates amidst a crisis should things go wrong.
However, the 24/7 news cycle becomes a curse when bad news travels just as fast as good news across social platforms, and ends up creating the PR crisis making it more difficult to recover from, clean up, and contain because as we all know nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet.
Greater Engagement

Gone are the days where communication was a one-way street.
In the past, companies would simply put out content and customers had no public avenue to easily interact with or respond to distributed content.
Now, customers engage with brands and their content by leaving comments, sharing, and liking which helps brands know how effective content is reaching the masses.
Even further, with the various marketing tools through platforms like Twitter and Facebook, public relations efforts can be specifically tailored for a unique customer base which ultimately saves money when trying to reach the public because you won’t be paying for people who aren’t interested in seeing your stories.
Increased Customer Focus
Social media compelled many brands to start focusing more on their customers, and building positive relationships. Customers can always go on Twitter and Facebook to sound off about bad customer experiences.
This forces companies to resolve issues quickly to avoid a PR crisis.
Affordable for Small Businesses
There have always been the misconception that public relations firms and publicist worked with celebrities, politicians and large organizations that had ample funds to create a positive image and manage a crisis.
But today in the midst of rapid communication a small business who cannot afford professional PR expertise can use social media to create its own online presence and build positive relations with its customers and the public.
Navigating New Waters
Focusing on a balanced mix of social media and traditional PR like media releases and articles, PR practitioners can help spread customer touch points across all functions within a company.

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