Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gas Pro is number one LPG supplier to Jamaica’s hospitality industry

As one of Jamaica's largest suppliers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Massy Gas Products Jamaica Limited (Gas Pro) has maintained the number one position as the top supplier of LPG to the island’s Hotel and Tourism Sector.

According to Rohan Ambersley, CEO of Massy Gas Products, the entity has long played a major role in the island’s hotel and tourism industry and is building on the prior successes of its predecessor Shell Gas.

“This dates back to Shell Gas, Gas Pro’s predecessor. Shell was the number one purveyor to the commercial segment, including the hotel sector. Shell was operational in Jamaica for over 80 years and Gas Pro, since acquiring the Shell LPG operations in 2006, continues to serve the majority of the hotel and tourism sector,” revealed Ambersley.

The company has also maintained its competitive edge through its focus on customer satisfaction and relationship building. So much so that Gas Pro was awarded the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ)/Jamaica Customer Service Association’s 2013 and 2016 Service Excellence Award in the medium company category. More recently, in 2017, Gas Pro received an 84 percent rating in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI).

“We have the most experienced and knowledgeable technical team in the region. Our team is able to work along with our partners to solve very complex technical issues and have been able to execute major installations in a safe and timely manner. The excellent service that we offer and the ownership of our terminal in Montego Bay - which supplements purchases from Petrojam and boosts our delivery reliability – contribute to the reasons why we are the supplier of choice,” said the Gas Pro CEO.

Gas Pro’s success has also benefitted from the incremental growth in Jamaica’s hospitality sector. The island’s increase in room inventory and arrivals has allowed the energy provider to procure larger cargos and provide greater reliability of supplies to the growing demand from the tourism sector. The lower cost of LPG, compared to other fuels, urges more hotels and attractions to consider the fuel as a dynamic energy source; Ambersley believes Gas Pro will have an even greater impact in the coming years.

“More properties are using LPG for purposes other than cooking, as they too have seen the benefits of its use in other areas such as laundry operations, pool heating, among other uses,” explains Ambersley.

The CEO remains confident as Massy Gas Pro aims to seize an even larger stake in the local LPG residential and commercial markets.

“LPG is more cost effective, even from a maintenance perspective; and generally more environmentally friendly. We believe that the relatively ow cost of LPG coupled with our value proposition, customer service, technical knowledge and professionalism will cause us to see greater successes in the coming years.”

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