Friday, June 2, 2017

LASCO adds value to inaugural STETHS Student Assistance Fund

St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS) received a surprise donation of $200,000 towards its Student Assistance Fund (SAF) programme by LASCO Manufacturing Ltd on Tuesday, April 4.
Catherine Goodall (left), Marketing Manager - Beverages, LASCO Distributors presents a cheque to Keith Wellington (center), Principal of STETHS in support of the inaugural STETHS Student Assistance Fund. Sharing in the moment is Lyshon Davis (right), Brand Manager, Beverages at LASCO Distributors.
The newly formed SAF received the donation when the WeInspire Girls School Tour made its official stop at the home of the reigning LASCO Principal of the Year and Teacher of the Year.

STETHS Principal Keith Wellington expressed gratitude for LASCO’s continued support and investment in youth and education.

“The LASCO group, through its product lines as well as its corporate policies, is undoubtedly Jamaica’s number one corporate citizen where support for family life is concerned,” stated Wellington.

“The contribution from LASCO epitomizes its support and belief in Jamaica’s youth, their education and general well-being. As a school we are committed to every child and will fully support our partners like LASCO who continue to support our various initiatives to nurture TRUE CHAMPIONS at STETHS. Thanks LASCO!” concluded Wellington.

LASCO’s donation forms part of the support for the wider school community, to go along with the individual prizes awarded to Wellington and Nelson. The two top educators received among their prizes personal and professional development opportunities to attend the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Professional Development 2017 conference in Anaheim, California.

According to Catherine Goodall, LASCO Marketing Manager-Beverages, giving is second nature to LASCO.

 “LASCO has been supporting education for over a decade through our Ambassador programmes, school adoptions and sponsorships,” stated Goodall. “The LASCO Family is very aware of the current economic challenges faced my many families today, but we strongly believe that every child can learn, every child must learn. Principal Wellington has always had a heart and a passion for his students and that makes it easy to support STETHS.”

The SAF is a fund STETHS established as a part of the school’s 55th anniversary celebrations this year to assist needy students with school expenses including meals, transportation, and examination fees.

It is estimated that as many as 500 of the 1,600 students require assistance in order to attend STETHS regularly and the SAF will be targeting this group.

The SAF was officially launched on Saturday, April 8 at the 55th anniversary banquet for which the proceeds approximately $750,000 from dinner tickets and $300,000 in pledges (inclusive of the LASCO donation) — were raised for the Fund.

Guest Speaker and alumni, Professor Alvin Wint, Professor of International Business and Special Advisor on External Relations to the Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies supported the SAF with his own donation of US$20,000 at the close of his address.

The SAF Fund currently sits at an estimated US$28,000 (now this adds up when you include LASCO’s donation) for the new school year.

St. Elizabeth Technical High School, founded in 1958, is a skill-based, public institution known for its innovative curriculum. Its mission is to offer students a positive and stimulating learning environment which will prepare them for lives as engaged citizens and leaders. The 12-acre campus of St. Elizabeth Technical High School is located at the outskirts of the town of Santa Cruz. The school offers CXC, CAPE, HEART and Pre-University Early Childhood courses with the student population serviced by approximately 80 teachers.

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