Tuesday, June 20, 2017

RUBiS hosts week-long ‘Customer Service Day’

RUBiS Energy Jamaica hosted a week long ‘Customer Service Day’ from Monday, June 5 – Friday, June 9, across its service station locations in Kingston and St. Andrew as well as St. Catherine.  The majority of RUBiS’ Head Office and Petroleum Products Terminals staff including employees from Retail, Commercial & Industrial, Chemical, Finance, Human Resources, Contracting & Procurement, Engineering & Maintenance, Information Technology, Storage & Handling and Operations were invited to serve customers at RUBiS Service Station Forecourts.
Alain Carreau, CEO RUBiS Energy Jamaica cleans the windshield of a customer at the Gore Terrace Service Station on Tuesday, June 6 as part of a week long 'Customer Service Day' that started on Monday, June 5 and slated to end Friday, June 9.
Alain Carreau CEO RUBiS Energy Jamaica insisted that customer service is a core part of the petroleum marketing and bulk distribution company’s operations to ensure quality products and service.

“By monitoring and managing the entire supply and distribution chain, RUBiS has been able to ensure the safety and quality of the petroleum products from the ship to the gas tank.  Customer Service is built on quality and safety in addition to well trained staff at all levels in the organisation and clean, efficient and attractive, modern service stations. This week long activity is just to reinforce our dedication along with our Haulers and Retailers to continue offering and improving service delivery as we know it is an important part of any strategic economic growth for all Jamaican businesses,” said Carreau.

Over the week of activities staff was deployed alongside RUBiS forecourt customer service attendants and served fuels and lubricants through RUBiS’s palette of payment tools including direct cash payments, credit cards and the unparalleled RUBiS fleet card. Staff members offered the full RUBiS customer service experience as they also cleaned windshields, offered lubricant top ups and filling orders for items from the convenience stores.
Azima Aziz, Financial Controller RUBiS Energy Jamaica was at the Gore Terrace Service Station pumping fuel for RUBiS customers during day two of RUBiS's week long 'Customer Service Day' activities that started on Monday, June 5 and slated to end on Friday, June 9. 

The ‘Customer Service Day’ was part of RUBiS’s service mandate which saw the company embark on a billion-dollar dollar investment program to upgrade their Rockfort Terminal and service stations to be better equipped to deliver exemplary service to customers, in a secure, comfortable space.

The most recent upgrade was conducted on the service station located at, 94 Old Hope Road, Kingston. The location underwent extensive engineering work including construction of a new service station building, installation of a new canopy, fuel tanks and smart fuel pump control systems. RUBiS Old Hope Road is now fully operational and offers the full suite of RUBiS Ultra Tec Fuels, including Ultra Tec Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD).

In addition to the infrastructural upgrades to the forecourts (fuel tanks, pumps and canopy) each retrofitted RUBiS location boasts upgraded convenience stores, which provide a one stop shop by offering customers a variety of products and services including attractive food service options. RUBiS has also partnered with Wisynco Foods to open a Domino’s Pizza Theatre restaurant at its Red Hills Road Service Station, which was launched in November last year.

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