Friday, July 28, 2017

10 students from St Thomas, Portland to receive scholarships from Heart Praise Fest

Gospel artiste Rondell Positive wants to help youngsters fulfill their purpose, through his Heart Praise Foundation.

On Tuesday, May 23, while the country observed Labour Day, Positive and his team hosted the Heart Praise Worship Fest, an event of the Healthy Music Group. Proceeds from the gospel show will go towards the Heart Praise Great Heart Scholarship, which will be awarded to 10 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) students from St Thomas and Portland.

The scholarship is a continuation of the work that Heart Praise has been doing for nearly a decade.

It all started when ‘Mr Positive’ provided assistance to his daughter’s preparatory school in St Thomas, following the passage by Hurricane Gustav in 2008.

Catherine Goodall, Marketing Manager-Beverages, LASCO Distributors (right) hangs with gospel sensation, Rondell Positive before his performance at the Poets in Autumn Tour on Saturday, February 4 at Emmanuel Apostolic Church.

He said he decided to stage a gospel concert to help raise money to repair the damage to the school.

“Ever so often we see things happen and we talk about the things, but we do nothing,” said the artiste born Rondell Allen.

Allen, would later help other schools in St Thomas by donating computers, starting the scholarship fund, and bringing barbers into schools to give boys haircuts.

“God gave me the vision. Our aim is to ensure that every single person we come in contact with, fulfil their purpose,” he said.  Major sponsor of Heart Praise, LASCO hopes the partnership between the two will continue for years to come.

“LASCO is very happy to be on board as a partner for Heart Praise for a second year. We came on board because of Heart Praise’s vision to instil in young people and people generally — that they have a purpose and that they should live out their purpose,” said Catherine Goodall, Beverages Marketing Manager at LASCO.

“We are very happy to be on board for youth empowerment and this wonderful cause for to raise money for students,” Goodall added.

Indeed, several students have benefited from Heart Praise’s initiatives.

“The scholarship helped me in a lot of ways, it has helped me to take the pressure off my parents and it has showed me the importance of helping others,” said one scholarship recipient.
Meanwhile, one young member of the Heart Praise movement says the group is giving children an opportunity to receive an education.

“Nothing should hinder anyone from reaching their full potential,” she said.

Those who have benefited from Heart Praise all share the same vision, to change people’s lives.

Lesa Richardson, Event Coordinator for the Heart Praise Worship Fest added that the group believes in kingdom building.

“We believe in changing lives and I get an opportunity to work in the Kingdom of God to reach people, which is what Christ really expects us to do,” she said.

They started in St Thomas, and have gone on to assist students in Portland, but the aim is to help build a nation, according to Allen.

“We are changing St Thomas, our intention is to change Jamaica one life at a time,” the Heart Praise founder said.

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