Sunday, February 25, 2018

Salada Foods Banks On Mountain Bliss 876

Launches Classic and Gold in New Range of Coffee Products 

Salada Foods Jamaica Limited is expanding their stake in the local coffee beverage market, with the introduction of the Mountain Bliss 876 line which offers two variations, Mountain Bliss 876 Classic and Mountain Bliss 876 Gold.

The coffee processing company announced the new coffee products at their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, February 21 at their headquarters in Kingston.

With the aim of capturing a larger market share of the instant coffee segment, Salada's General Manager Dianna Blake-Bennett shared that the new products are a part of the Company's strategy to engage a new demographic of coffee drinkers who are more discerning in their taste preferences.

"Market research has indicated that consumers are becoming more experimental and are always seeking new options.  With both an agglomerated and freeze-dried option, Mountain Bliss 876 hits the mark and so our expectations are high on how they will perform," explained Blake-Bennett.

Touting the Mountain Bliss 876 range of products as competitively-priced, Salada's General Manager is confident that consumers will gravitate towards it.

"Based on current availability on the retail market and the pricing of our products, we know that the Mountain Bliss 876 products will appeal to consumers who are seeking trendy coffee beverages to fit their active lifestyles," she added.

Following record sales in 2017 of 14 per cent above prior year, the local manufacturing company is eyeing a goal of a billion dollars in total sales for 2018.

"With the introduction of our new coffee line, we are expecting it to contribute to this growth target," Blake-Bennett said.

Salada's products, including flagship brand Jamaica Mountain Peak, are currently exported to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and China.

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