Monday, September 10, 2018

Herboo signs distribution deal with Cari-Med, secures venture capital for growth

Javin Williams

Local manufacturer of cosmetic products, Herboo Enterprise has secured a deal with Cari-Med to promote and retail its products across Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Under the agreement with Cari-Med, Herboo will more than double the number of outlets it distributes to locally, and will establish a footprint in five Caribbean territories within the coming months.

The partnership will also see Herboo’s products integrated into Cari-Med’s Amazon platform for online sales.

Herboo CEO, Javin Williams, said the company is seeking to make a much stronger impact with the new distributorship deal and recently introduced new packaging.

“For them to help push the Jamaican brand is very phenomenal and it’s heart-warming. Jamaica has a lot of stores and for us, as a small company to get into all of those stores and, do the consistent marketing is very difficult, so having them [Cari-Med] on board is amazing,” Williams said.

As for the new packaging, Williams believes that it will help boost the brand in both local and international markets.

“It’s more attractive and has great international appeal. It’s very vibrant and colourful; it’s easier to use than the old bottles. We are also separating the hair oil from the body oil,” said Williams, who added that the new logo represents Herboo’s mission to connect the world with nature.

In addition, Herboo has secured venture capital that will enable the company to acquire raw material at reduced costs, and help to increase production.

“It’s to help support the distributorship deal, because we want to produce in volumes and we didn’t have the wherewithal and working capital to support that deal. So with the investment now, we’ll be able to meet our demands,” Williams said.

In the short term, Williams is also looking to acquire warehousing space in Kingston, along with an office to carry out administrative functions. Until they have acquired their own factory, Herboo plans to continue working from their present shared location in St Thomas.

“We are getting bigger, right now we carry out some of our functions from my two-bedroom apartment,” he said.

In the meantime, Williams is focused on introducing the rebranded Herboo products that include the Jamaican Sage Two-in-one hampoo and conditioner, hair oil, and body oil.

“That’s a plant that’s very antimicrobial; it helps to get rid of rashes. It basically helps the skin to be healthier. The product also has coconut oil that softens the skin, and helps with stretch marks and dark spots,” Williams explained.

In the near future, Herboo intends to introduce a line of products to help treat eczema, and possibly acne.  “The aim of the company is to make every cosmetic natural, so you name it, we are going to do it”, Willams said.

Williams who participated in the Scotiabank Vision Achiever 17-week coaching programme in 2015, encourages other small business operators to take advantage of the programme.

“We got some valuable knowledge on how to run and systematize a business. That knowledge we now use in our company,” Williams said. “Now we ensure that everything is done in a particular way. From how we source raw material to hiring staff, to how we deal with the customer,” Williams said.

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