Monday, November 26, 2018

York Castle High Student Claims Top-Spot in ICWI Essay Competition

Top student T’Jean Shelly (center) is warmly congratulated by ICWI Brown’s Town Branch Manager Sandra Toulazin Butler (left) at the ICWI Group Foundation Essay Competition awards ceremony held on Thursday, November 8, 2018. Also sharing in the moment is Shelly’s mother and Top Parent awardee Keisha Williamson (right)

Sixteen year-old, York Castle High student T’Jean Shelly copped the top prize in the annual Insurance Company of the West Indies (ICWI) Group Foundation St. Ann High School Essay Competition.

The announcement was made during an award ceremony at York Castle High Auditorium on Thursday November 8, 2018.

ICWI presented scholarships, grants and prizes valued at over $500,000 to York Castle High School to participating students of the eight schools and teachers.

The three-year-old essay competition had York Castle High reclaiming the overall top spot, after having been defeated last year by Brown’s Town High.

The other institutions participating in the competition are Tacky High, Westwood High, Aabuthnott Gallimore High, Fern Court High, St Hilda's Diocesan High, and Marcus Garvey High schools.

Keisha Williamson, parent of T’Jean Shelly, copped the award for “Top Parent”; and Hillary Walker, senior teacher at the Westwood High School, was awarded “Top Teacher”, after having signed off on the most essays submitted in the competition. The top three students from each of the eight participating schools received payments for up to six of their Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) subjects.

An additional three students — who did not enter the competition, but were identified as needing financial assistance by their principals — were presented with grants towards payments for their CSEC Examinations.

Insurance and Teens

The competition is the brain child of Sandra Touzalin-Butler, ICWI Brown’s Town Branch Manager, who is also a former teacher.

With two new schools added this year, the essays “The Importance of General Insurance” focussed on an issue not particularly known to teens — insurance.

“ICWI is in the education capital of St. Ann [Brown’s Town] and we wanted to engage the minds in our area. The students, through this opportunity, had the impetus to learn about insurance and sharpen their research skills. We also explored the needs of the students, in St Mary and St Ann, where tuition and examination fees were concerned,” explained Touzalin-Butler.

As the ICWI Group celebrates its 50th anniversary, the Company has also endorsed the York Castle High’s Drivers’ Education Course, and presented a cheque valued at $50,000 to enhance the programme. “Investing in our children has always been at the core of our Foundation, and with this programme we are investing in our future drivers as well” stated Mrs. Touzalin-Butler.  The course was started under the Ministry of Education’s Career Advancement Programme (CAP) by the sixth form students. The programme was then adopted by two teachers from the school and transformed into the Drivers’ Education Club.

Vice-Principal at York Castle High Antoinette Brown-Edwards, was thankful for the gift received from ICWI toward the Drivers’ Education Course.

“We are overwhelmed. We are absolutely grateful. We had no start-up for the Drivers’-Ed Course. The course was being taught for free by our teachers so this donation from ICWI will go a long way in providing some of the necessities needed for the course to run efficiently,” stated Mrs Brown-Edwards.

The ICWI Group Foundation is committed to enabling even more students island wide with plans to expand the programme in the very near future.

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